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    So what is Leelafish.com? This is my little space where I get to tell you about all the minor catastrophes and heartfelt moments that I share with my husband, my daughter and our small zoo of animals. I may also tell you about some things I like, such as books and graphic design and my varied interests along the way.

    Meet the cast of characters:

    ME (Jessica) –  I’m 28, live in Louisiana.  I work full time as an editor for a small magazine, which means wearing many hats including: layout designer, content manager, writer, copy editor, photographer and web designer. I also do some freelance  photography and graphic design. I also like to read, travel, bake and make new blog friends. Oh, and share my extraordinary pop culture knowledge I glean from Entertainment Weekly. What? They have good book reviews. I also blog about cooking with my friend Cassie over at www.sweetsaucy.com.

    Mark – The love of my life who puts up with my faults and penchant for adopting animals. See also: the “computer guru extraordinaire” who helps me maintain this little piece of web property.

    Sarah – My daughter, the overwhelming tiny force in my life who keeps me on my feet (and ensures my wine supply stays stocked). I photograph this poor kid relentlessly, but she’s my best subject and my favorite person on the planet.

    Leela (aka Leela Fish) – Border Collie #1. This little 30-pound dog rules the roost. She often employs the “border collie eye” to get us to do exactly what she wants. For instance, at a very young age she convinced my I-DO-NOT-WANT-A-DOG husband to not only take her into our home, but to let her sleep in between us in the bed. Shortly after that victory, she graduated to getting him to play with her outside multiple times a day, turning him into the human ball throwing machine.

    Bonnie (aka Barrel) – Border Collie #2.  Bonnie Barrell couldn’t be more different than Leela. She got her name from her rotund size and her ability to plow through anything in her way. She’s slightly afraid of everything, including the cats, lightning, beanie caps and our friend Johnny. She does, however, love to snuggle and that manages makes up for all of her spastic moments.

    Sam Cat – Our first pet. Sam was born from an illicit relationship between a house cat and a wild, roving Tom. Sam takes after his father and is our resident bad ass. That cat fears nothing. When Bonnie made her first attempt on his food, she ran out screaming with bloody scratches on her nose. I think he does a better time protecting the house than either dog.

    Angie Cat – A birthday present about six years ago. She’s a short hair tabby who lives under our bed comforter during the day and the windowsill at night. Her intense fear of things even outweighs Bonnie’s intense fear of things, but only because she stays in constant hiding.

    So here we are Internet, here to share our stories.

    We hope you will be our friend and share your stories with us too.