• Happy Birthday Mark

    Date: 2012.04.23 | Category: Birthday, Family, Love, Mark, Sarah | Tags:

    April is such a great month. The weather is beautiful and I get to celebrate four very important birthdays: Sarah, Jacob, Susan and Mark.

    Today is Mark’s birthday.

    What can I say about the man I’ve loved for nearly nine years?

    I can say that, even though he doesn’t think so, he deserves something nice for his birthday. (This year I surprised him with a Kindle Fire and a cookie cake).

    I can say that sometimes in the mornings when I’m out and around the house getting things ready and I hear him singing the Cat in the Hat theme song to Sarah, my heart melts and my face splits into a giant grin.

    I can say that when Sarah was sick and I was in the middle of deadline week he willingly volunteered to watch her at home by himself all week and did a fantastic job.

    I can say that he tells me he loves me every day.

    I can say that there is no other man so perfect for me or so well deserving of a good birthday.

    Happy Birthday Mark!