• Addisonial Crisis

    Date: 2012.04.05 | Category: Dogs, Family, Health, Home, Leela Fish, Mark, Pets, Weirdness | Tags:

    The verdict is in, and that’s what happened to Leela.

    Her adrenal glands in her kidneys stopped working, her potassium levels went through the roof and slowed her heart rate until it was nearly fatal.  Fluids and steroids and amazing vets saved her life.

    Leela has been to the vet every single day since Sunday. They ran the Addison’s test, and it came back positive yesterday. Since then I’ve started educating myself on the disease.

    My vet, who has been great throughout all of this, is learning as we go too. Yesterday he told me, “Addison’s is one of those things you learn about in vet school, but never actually see.” He’s been in consultation with a local internal medicine vet and she’s been helping us diagnose and treat her.

    Right now she’s getting a cortisone pill every day for two months. Long term she’s going to have to be on something that replaces the steroid that’s not being produced. Our options were to put her on a pill that she will build up a tolerance to eventually, or give her a shot every 25 days for the rest of her life.

    Both options are expensive. The pills are around $60/month and the shots are $85/ month.

    My vet said, “I know this is expensive, plus she’ll have to have regular electrolyte tests. I know you have a new baby and the expenses will be hard. For some people it wouldn’t be worth it…”

    In his questioning silence that followed, I held back the tears and then told him to give her the medicine. Putting Leela down is not an option.

    She will get the shot today. Because no one in town seems to be treating a dog with Addison’s, they had to overnight the medicine in. She will get it as soon as it comes in, otherwise, our vet told us, she will be right back in the emergency vet this weekend.

    The good news is that since she’s gotten the fluids and cortisone, she’s perked up. She’s eating again and wants to play ball and frisbee.

    Last night, as Mark and I discussed budgeting for this new monthly expense, we opened a letter from our mortgage company and learned that our homestead exemption finally went through and our mortgage will be going down by $50 a month and we’re getting a substantial escrow return. My favorite quote from The Sound of Music came to mind, “When God closes a door, He opens a window somewhere.”

    It’s going to be a long road, and the vet, Mark and I all are going to learn and help her along the way. Hopefully with this treatment plan we’ll never have to face an Addisonial Crisis again. My heart can’t take it.