• Spring Bride

    Date: 2012.03.27 | Category: Family, Friends, Photography | Tags:

    Spring has sprung in Louisiana. I went to Norton Art Gallery this past weekend and when I rounded the corner to their gardens I saw this:

    A sea of flowers. It was gorgeous. And the weather was perfect.

    Good thing the bride-to-be I was photographing that day chose that weekend to do her photo shoot. Especially since she had to drive in from Florida to have her photos made.

    And because her wedding will be in Florida (my first destination wedding to photograph, and on the beach no less!) and one of her bridesmaids is very pregnant and won’t be able to make it, her bridesmaids gathered with her for photos.

    The azaleas made a gorgeous background, don’t you think? (That’s my sister, the MOH, on the far right).

    My nephew is the ring bearer, how cute is he? (I just hope he doesn’t lose the rings in the sand or make a break for the ocean during the ceremony).

    I’m pretty sure this photo was my favorite though. Bride Kari felt Leah’s baby kick right as I took the photo. Is there anything sweeter?

    How’s Spring where you are?