• Hard Work and Psycho Cats

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    Prior to the beginning of Lent three weeks ago, my exercise was intermittent at best. I walked a few miles on the weekends and counted the hour and a half of baby wrangling at church towards my workout time (and let me tell you, trying to contain and hold a very active 20 pound baby while sitting, standing and kneeling at Mass requires all kinds of muscles I didn’t know I had).  But my weight loss had (unsurprisingly) stalled out.

    I knew that my eating habits had set me back too. Mardi Gras is wonderful, but it’s called Fat Tuesday for a reason  (so. Much. King cake.)

    So with Lent on the horizon, I started thinking about worthy sacrifices, sacrifices that would be hard, but productive. I decided on a chocolate sacrifice (which I’m sort of regretting now as I stare at the two boxes of samoas on the kitchen counter every day) and a time sacrifice to exercise.

    When I told Cassie about this, she was all over it. She has been sending me workouts every single day and following up with me about what I like and didn’t like, gauging my strength level and making sure I do them.

    And three weeks in, the lack of chocolate and the increase in exercise is working. I feel stronger, happier and lighter. Seven pounds lighter to be exact. My body went into major shock when I started making it work more. I hope this trend continues and I don’t destroy it when I annihilate those somoas on Easter Sunday.

    Ironically, I’ve helped start a cooking blog during this weight loss work, but it’s inspired me to share my low-fat and healthy recipes and focus on cooking at home more often. (Though I’m already trying to figure out what kind of cupcakes to make for Sarah’s first birthday party).

    All of this has been going really well. I get up in the mornings, exercise while the baby sleeps and then go on about my day, not missing any time with my girl. Or should I say it was going well until Day Light Savings Time hit and my cat went psychotic.

    I already struggle with Angie cat attempting to sit on my face every time I do floor exercises (to stop me or increase the resistance, I’m not sure which) but now Sam Cat has decided to start sabotaging my sleep, and with the getting up an hour earlier, I’m a zombie in the mornings.

    Angie Cat, the face sitter.

    Last night I was sleeping when out of nowhere the mean little fuzz ball lept from the window seal above my bed and landed on me, claws extended. I jumped up screaming and cursing, which managed to upset the baby, even though her door was closed (Mark slept right through this however). Sarah finally quieted and it took me a good hour to fall back asleep. I had been asleep maybe 30 minutes when the damn cat did it AGAIN. Oh the anger and the sleep deprivation. He at least had the good sense to haul ass down the hallway and get out of my reach.

    Not to be outdone, Sarah woke up crying again around 5 a.m. I have to assume she’s getting more teeth or the cat is attempting to sabotage her as well.

    All of these things have been sabotaging my workouts and it’s frustrating. I should at least feel well rested if I’m going to accidentally sleep late!

    And now that it’s beautiful outside, it’s time to take advantage of that as well. All my workouts have been inside and the long period of inactivity also meant Bonnie dog grew fat. She’s gained nearly 10 pounds due to our lack of walks. Whoops.

    So here we go, back to inside AND outside workouts. Let’s hope the next time I report in, Bonnie and I both will be down 10 pounds.