• Chop!

    Date: 2012.01.25 | Category: Family, Home, Life, Mark, Me, Sarah, Style, Travel | Tags:

    I chopped my hair off and I love it. I can fix it so much faster and am no longer tempted to throw it in a pony tail every morning. I feel more grown up and put together, which goes right along with my goals of embracing myself.

    My hair minus six inches or so.

    Other resolution updates:

    1. The reading is going swimmingly. I’m on Book 3 from the Game of Thrones series. These books are fantastic, but I swear I have hit a point (or two or three) in each volume where I got so mad at the writer for what he puts his characters through that I’ve been tempted to put them down and take a break. But then I keep reading and I’m so glad that I do.

    2. The travel. I’ve planned a big trip this summer to visit my friend Tammy in Indianapolis and Cassie in Pittsburgh. There is also a possible trip to Florida in the works. Yay and Yay!

    3. Home beautifying. We are getting ready to get a desk for my awesome new iMac and shift things around drastically. We’re grown ups with a baby, time to (mostly) retire the tv trays and let Sarah sit at the dinner table with us.