• 9 Months

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    I have to admit these photo sessions are getting tougher and tougher and Sarah gets more and more mobile. Getting her to stay still is so difficult. Which is why we finally caved and gave her a book to hold so she would sit still long enough for a decent photo… even if it meant her tongue was sticking out (which I love).


    This past month Sarah has absolutely fallen in love with books. There is something about turning the pages over and over and over that will put her in a trance. Speaking of, she has also become a pro at entertaining herself. She crawls off into her wonderland of books and toys and has fun all by herself, that is until mom and dad sit down for dinner. At which point she tosses everything away and makes a bee line for our plates.

    Sarah is now old enough to feed herself cut up table food. Since she’s started eating it this month, she staunchly refuses to eat most baby foods now, though we still have success with fruit and yogart. She has loved every table food we’ve given her, including sweet potatoes, strawberries, mandarin oranges, avocado and even tilapia!

    Helping her eat all that baby food are her top two teeth which popped in around Christmas, giving her four working chompers now.


    She has also mastered the sippy cup and straw and thinks water is just about the best thing ever.

    This past month Sarah also mastered the fine art of crawling on to and out of everything. Put her in a highchair? She will be out of it in less than two minutes, wiggling those wiry little legs out the the holes and standing up in the high chair. This means we have to lock her down the best we can and stand guard at all times.


    She also started walking while holding on to things this past month. She literally runs around the coffee table while holding on to it, or while hanging onto her Christmas dino. She can stand on her own, but if she realizes she’s doing it, she slowly squats to the ground where she feels safe.


    She also now randomly laughs at things, not just when we’re trying to make her laugh. All kinds of strange things get her to giggling, including a fluorescent stuffed cat she saw a Build-A-Bear the other day.

    Another thing she’s started doing is rubbing her face on soft things. If I leave a blanket on the floor, she’ll crawl over to it, lay her face in it and rub and rub it. She does the same thing with soft toys like her teddy bear and her little lamb.


    In the past month she’s also figured out how fun it is to smash things together to make noises and can paddy cake when prompted.

    Speaking of noises, she lets out a cackle whenever she sees the cats. She thinks they are hilarious!

    But perhaps most exciting of all, she can put herself to sleep now. I was nursing her to sleep forever, but after a couple of weeks of going to bed awake and crying, she’s learned to go to bed awake, entertain herself for a bit and then fall asleep. Such a huge relief!


    I am so proud of our beautiful, growing girl and I am still constantly amazed at everything she does.