• Louisiana Pride

    Date: 2012.01.09 | Category: Family, Food, Holidays, Home, Travel | Tags:

    I didn’t always love where I live. Growing up I was frustrated because there wasn’t much to “do” in northwest Louisiana. Though looking back, I was sort of an idiot because there was plenty to do. I spent a lot of time playing outside, watching one of my braver girlfriends catch crawfish in muddy, clay filled ditches. An experience unique to our state for sure.

    But as I’ve grown up (and our city has grown up), I find that there is more and more to love about living here.

    For one, there’s Mardi Gras. Now we’re not in New Orleans, so it’s not a naked gunshot fest (usually), but it’s fun. For people who have never been to Mardi Gras in our corner of the state, I liken it to a giant tailgating party that starts at 5:00 a.m. and lasts until 7:00 p.m. or so. You can walk up to buildings and purchase daiquiris, or just bring your own supply of booze for a day full of public drunkenness. But there are also family sections with no alcohol allowed. Plus the parades are a lot of fun and we always get loaded down with beads, cups and even the occasional inflatable sword or basketball. Plus there’s king cake!

    The actual Mardi Gras season starts the day after Epiphany. At that time Christmas decorations come down and Mardi Gras decorations go up. Some leave their Christmas trees up and swap out Christmas décor for Mardi Gras décor. Personally I just put out a wreath and a flag.

    My wreath!

    This past weekend I felt particularly happy about living in Louisiana. After walking around our neighborhood in the 70 degree January weather and looking at Mardi Gras decorations, we went to my parents for an amazingly spicy and yummy dinner of crawfish etoufee and a fantastic Saints game.

    At that moment, surrounded by Mardi Gras, a crawfish dish and the Saints, I fully appreciated what a unique place I live in. We’re not New Orleans, but we know how to have fun Louisiana style. And the Saints won to boot!

    Tonight is the BCS championship game. LSU is playing Alabama in New Orleans and everyone here has lost their minds. The LSU decorations and clothing are everywhere today, and if anyone even mentions supporting Bama, yelling erupts. We may be five hours away, but we support our Tigers dangit.

    It’s a unique place to live, and while it sucks when it’s 107 outside, for the most part I really do love this place. If you ever make it down this way, let me know and I’ll treat you to some amazing seafood and a drive-thru daiquiri. And if you come during Mardi Gras, I’ll serve you up some king cake and take you to a parade.