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    Date: 2011.07.28 | Category: Style | Tags:

    Lisa and MBG recently did posts on their “Five Minute Faces,” in response to the Sun Savvy campaign. I love learning what other people use on a regular basis to make themselves look good and take care of their skin. Personally, I’m a bit finicky when it comes to what I put on my body. You see, I went down the rabbit hole of learning about all the chemicals that go into my care products over a year ago. It scared me, so I got rid of almost all the care and makeup products I had and have been slowly replacing them with healthy, natural products. I’ve had a lot of help with this process from Lori and Cassie.

    I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but I still try to take care of my skin and make myself look half decent when I leave the house in the mornings. So here is my all natural five-minute face care products.

    1.     Physicians Formula Concealer; Twins Correct & Cover Cream Concealer. Beige for the dark circles and green to offset super red areas.

    2.     Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. Personally, I’m not one for lipstick, but this has just the right amount of color and it’s very pepperminty! I use the nutmeg color.

    3.     Alba Sea Mineral Cleansing Gel – They’ve actually reformulated this recently, completely eliminated parabens and sulfates. I love how it smells and I’ve even gotten my husband hooked on this face wash.

    4.     Alba Botanica Aloe & Green Tea Oil Free Moisturizer, Hawaiian, 3-Ounce Bottle. I love this moisturizer. It smells good and goes on smooth.

    5.     Style Essentials Natural Mascara – I had a really difficult time finding a chemical free mascara. And then my friend Lori told me about this one, and I ended up winning it from her blog! I love this mascara. Not only does it look good, but I don’t have raccoon eyes at the end of the day and it washes off very easily.

    So there’s my minimalist five minute face. And the best part is, all but the mascara can be purchased on the organic aisle at my local grocery store.

    p.s. I also  learned from the Sun Savvy site that Alba makes a sunscreen! That will be next on my list to try.

    I’d love to hear about natural products that you can’t do without!

    *Note: I wasn’t paid any money to talk about these things. They are products that I buy and love on a regular basis.