• A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Date: 2011.07.22 | Category: Baby, Family, Health, Weirdness | Tags:

    I’m sorry for my long absence, and I appreciate all my friends who have made me feel missed! You see, it’s been a crazy week. I mean seriously crazy. I’ve started to write this post a number of times, and have stopped, unsure of what I feel comfortable sharing on the Internet. But really, this story won’t make a whole lot of sense if I don’t tell you the whole truth. So let’s start at the beginning.

    Friday, July 15: I went to the doctor to talk about post partum depression. It’s been on and off again since I had Sarah and got worse when I went back to work. My doctor started me on Zoloft.

    Sunday, July 17: I dropped my Macbook Pro on the ground. It still works, but the bottom third of the screen has gone all wonky on me. And since this computer is a source of income for our family, it has stressed me out considerably.

    Monday, July 18, 8:00 a.m.: We’re pulling out of the driveway and our neighbor comes running up to us to tell us she saw a guy, who had been walking around the neighborhood passing out AC fliers, try to break into Mark’s truck.

    Monday, July 18, 8:30 a.m.: We took Sarah to daycare for the first time. I had a melt down. Sarah, however, thought all those other babies were pretty amazing.

    Monday, July 18, 9:00 a.m.: Mark spies and confronts the guy who tried to break into his truck. The guy tells Mark he wanted to get to his garage door opener to put a flier on our door in the garage. Um, wtf? Mark calls and files a police report.

    Monday, July 18, all day long: I call the day care to make sure Sarah is ok (she is!)

    Monday, July 18, 10:30 p.m.: I lay down in bed and start talking to Mark and have a heart palpitation and my vision gets all black. Knowing my mom has had similar problems, I call her. She tells me to lay down and put my feet up. I do. But then I have another palpitation, and then another, and I nearly lost consciousness. I call the OB’s office and talk to the doctor on call. She thinks it’s my serotonin levels surging from the medication, but tells me that if it’s that scary, I need to go on in to the ER.
    I shook Mark awake, panicked, and told him we needed to go to the ER.

    Monday, July 18, 10:45 p.m.: Mom comes over to watch Sarah and we go to the ER. We proceed to wait in the ER for nearly four hours before finally getting called back. In the mean time I have about three more small episodes.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2:00 a.m.: I get a chest x-ray, an EKG and bloodwork. The doctor mentions something called “serotonin syndrome” and I google it. Scary. I also have to listen to all the nurses cutting up and joking about what their favorite things to eat are, before one of them goes and gets them all food.

    Tuesday, July 19, 4:00 a.m.: The other patient in my room gets released. I get told my d dimer level is high and that combined with my recent birth-giving means I may have a blood clot. I go back for a CT scan, where the guy has to stick me three times before he can get the IV in.

    Tuesday, July 19, 5:30 a.m.: After listening to my new patient neighbor do a breathing treatment and arguing with her husband that she WILL go into work that day and trying to figure out how to assemble and use a manual breast pump, I finally learn that they can’t find anything wrong with me. I don’t have enough medication in my system to have serotonin syndrome. Diagnosis? Possible panic attack and advice to stop Zoloft and go to a cardiologist.

    Tuesday, July 19, 8:00 a.m.: Leave message at the OB’s office.

    Tuesday, July 19, 9:00 a.m.: Call Kelly in a panic. Call Cassie in a panic. Call my sister in a panic, who shows up to take care of Sarah while I proceed to have a full on panic attack.

    Tuesday, July 19 most of the day: Enter phenegren-induced sleep.

    Tuesday, July 19 afternoon: Nurse calls to change my medication to Lexapro.

    Tuesday, July 19, 5:00 p.m.: I take the Lexapro, then take a nap. I wake up with heart palpitations again and proceed to have another panic attack. My mom comes over and helps calm me down. I take a Dramamine and pass out.

    Wednesday, July 20: I do some research and learn that possible side effects of Zoloft and Lexapro include insomnia and ANXIETY. I get mad and refuse to take any more medication.I proceed to spend my lunch break nervously and compulsively doing laundry and packing up Sarah’s 0-3 month clothes.

    Wednesday, July 20, 11:30 p.m.: I wake up from a small heart palpitation and, plagued by insomnia, get up and finish my freelance work.

    Thursday, July 21 all day: Constant nervousness, but no panic attacks. I find out it takes Zoloft/Lexapro six to eight days to completely leave your system.

    Thursday, July 21 evening: I feel relaxed and play with Sarah. I lay down for bed and have one small heart racing. I took Dramamine and passed out.

    This morning: I woke up feeling good. I’m not sure if it’s over, but getting off the medication seems to have made things a lot better. I can actually relax and get things done this morning.