• Three Months

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    The developments Sarah has made from Month 2 to Month 3 have been so much fun.

    She has figured out how to roll over and surprised both herself and us when she went from tummy to back for the first time.

    She thinks her hands are the most delicious, amazing things ever. They are constantly in her mouth.


    Which also means she keeps trying to suck her thumb. She is able to successfully for about 20 second intervals when she’s hungry. (I really hope this habit doesn’t linger).

    The bottle is getting better. She will now take 5 or so ounces of breast milk in a feeding. What a growing girl!

    She giggles. A lot. Apparently Eskimo kisses, Lady Gaga songs and my impersonation of Cookie Monster are pretty much the funniest things ever.

    She has perfected the “daddy smile.” When she sees daddy she lights up and then quickly hides behind her hands in an attempt to fake bashfulness.

    She is social. She loves to look at other babies and children, especially cousin Jacob and buddy Mia. If she catches your eye while you’re feeding her, she’ll start smiling in an attempt to charm you out of continuing with that bottle nonsense.


    She is smart. One day mom held her while I went to get something out of the car. Sarah saw me walk out of the room and as soon as the door slammed, she burst into tears and sobbed uncontrollably, even after I came back in.

    She thinks dogs are amazing. She can be in the middle of a fit and the dogs will come over and she immediately stops and stares of them. Watching them chase the ball is her second favorite activity…

    Next to watching television. She doesn’t watch it often, but when we have it on in the evenings she is glued to it. She babbles and kicks her legs as if to tell the t.v. how much she loves it. Her personal favorites seem to be Baby Einstein, tennis and Wipeout.

    She now turns to noises and voices. If she hears one of us come in, she will crane that head all the way around to look.

    She also loves to stand. Hold her in your lap and she will push up and stand there. I swear she would walk off if only she could balance.

    Watching her develop has been so amazing. I look forward to seeing what she figures out next month.