• Motivation

    Date: 2011.07.03 | Category: Baby, Dogs, Health, Life List, Me, Pregnancy | Tags:

    I have several reasons to start getting in shape again. For one, I’ve got to get these last 12 pregnancy pounds off (plus a whole lot more I hope). For another, Cassie is coming to visit me and Kelly in September, where I hope to be able to run the Race for the Cure with her all the way through. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to run any decent distance. I usually just walk 5ks, but Cassie is coming all the way from Pittsburgh, and dang it, I’m going to do it!

    On Thursday I started back with the Couch to  5k program (that I was over half way through when I got knocked up last July).

    I was dreading it honestly. After all, I haven’t run in a year and it’s in the 80’s at 8:00 in the morning here, plus I hate running on the treadmill. However, at 6:30 a.m. it’s still in the 70’s and the sun is still low on the horizon. The temperature is much more tolerable that time of day. So on Thursday I fed Sarah, put her back to sleep and got the dogs ready to go.

    Now I’ve been walking a lot since I had Sarah, but never over a mile and a half. But with the help of my dogs (who periodically dragged me across the sidewalk in pursuit of a squirrel) and the thought of Cassie screaming at me if I can’t pull through with this 5k in September, I managed not only to do the first day of the program, but do it and enjoy it. After all, I rarely get time to myself these days and  mornings with just me and the dogs are great thinking and quiet time.

    Plus, the dogs are loving it and Bonnie can stand to lose a few pounds too.

    I have been given so much encouragement from friends, family and fellow bloggers. So here we go again. September 17th. I can do it!