• The Most Amazing Day of My Life

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    I’m still in awe of the past few days. My life has been turned upside down and I couldn’t be happier.

    Sunday night we went to the hospital to start labor induction. I was six days past my due date and an absolute nervous wreck. Mark was a rock though and kept me calm throughout the whole thing. Sunday night turned out to be a breeze. Lots of questions to answer. (Nurse: “Is he your husband?” Me: “Yes.” Nurse: “Is he the baby’s father?” Me: “Um, yes…. that would be awkward huh?”)

    They offered me a sleeping pill. I took it. It didn’t work. My anxiety kept me awake from 1:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. when they started the pitocin to induce contractions.

    Contractions weren’t bad at first. I took some demerol and phenegren to take the edge off. That worked… for about 20 minutes. Then the labor contractions you hear women screaming over started. Except I couldn’t scream because I was in so much pain. I just writhed around in bed and whimpered. Then I begged for an epidural. I was only 2 and a half centimeters, but my contractions were coming hard and fast enough that they granted me one after they broke my water.

    That, my friends, is nectar of the gods. The epidural stung, yes, but compared to contractions I’d take a million epidurals. And then it kicked in. It was wonderful. So wonderful that it, combined with the phenegran, actually let me SLEEP through almost my entire labor. My mom and mother-in-law thought it was hilarious.

    My nurse, who it turns out I went to high school with, was absolutely amazing. She would wake me up every so often to check my progress. It was slow going at first, about half a centimeter an hour. At 11:30 mom and my MIL went to get lunch. They checked me then and I was at a 4. Thirty minutes later they came back, set up lunch and started eating. They checked me again about that time.

    The nurse’s eyes got big and said, “We need a table now. You’re ready.” In thirty minutes I went from a 4 to 10. Everyone was kind of in shock. My best friend Susan, who was the designated picture taker, got the “Get here right now” call, as did the doctor. Everyone else got pushed out of the room.

    I was shaking like a leaf at the sudden turn of events. But I had Mark on one side, Susan on the other and my calm and collected doctor at the receiving end. My doctor was shocked that I had progressed so quickly. Apparently out of the six women who were induced, I was the first to go. I even beat the lady birthing her sixth kid.

    I started pushing. Apparently I was meant to be a mom, because that too took almost no time. And then Sarah got stuck. The doctor had to yell for help. Thank goodness Susan is a doctor too and knew what was going on. The next thing I knew I had four doctors literally punching me in the stomach and then out shot the baby, safe and sound.

    Her arrival in the world is the single most amazing, overwhelming, emotional experience of my life. It was so surreal. I couldn’t believe that she came out of my body. She cried and fussed enough to let us know she was healthy, then settled down for her clean up.

    They laid her on my chest after that and she just stared and stared at me. She was so alert and transfixed by me. It took my breath away.

    Cutting the cord.

    From Welcome Sarah

    Clean Up.

    From Welcome Sarah

    Daddy’s Love.

    From Welcome Sarah

    Meeting Sarah, my love.

    From Welcome Sarah

    Loving my girl.

    From Welcome Sarah

    We love you Sarah Marjorie.

    From Welcome Sarah

    I later learned that a lot of things could have gone wrong with her getting stuck, but she beat the odds and came out healthy and perfect. No broken collar bones, no damaged nerves. I was also told by my doctor that in the future I wouldn’t be allowed to have a baby that big. But that’s ok, because we both did it!

    She was 8lbs, 2oz. and 19 and a half inches long. She has my lips. Her other features are still up for debate, but my family vehemently argues that she looks just like me.

    Mark was so amazing throughout the whole process. After Sarah was born, he pulled out his flip camera and captured all the moments I couldn’t get up to see. I watched the video today and relived the emotions all over again. What an incredible experience.

    Sarah is already fitting seamlessly into our lives. More on that to come.

    We have tons of photos from the labor. Some are bloody, but none are “indecent.” A few are on FB, but I didn’t want to share them all there. If you want to view them, you can click here.

    A very special thank you to Susan for taking all the photos. I am amazed at them all.