• History Repeats Itself

    Date: 2011.04.09 | Category: Baby, Family, Me, Nostalgia, Pregnancy | Tags:

    My dad is not a shopper. For Christmas and birthdays, he calls in me and my sisters to hit the stores and get things for mom. But every once in a while, he’ll get an idea into his head and take off on his own.

    This morning he called me to tell me he had a gift for baby Sarah that he had gone out and shopped for by himself. He wouldn’t tell anyone what it was, including my mom. Curious, I made my way over to his office where he produced a gift wrapped in the signature Toy Fair red and white striped packaging.

    I opened it up to find an oversized Raggedy Ann doll, almost exactly like the one he bought for me when I was a little girl well over 20 years ago. She was always one of my favorite toys, and mom saved her for me. Now my little girl will have her very own, courtesy of my sweet daddy-o and her sweet grandfather.

    Sarah’s doll.
    raggedy ann

    Me with my doll.

    So sweet and so thoughtful. Thank you Pops!