• 40 Weeks

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    Well, today was supposed to be the big day, the day you made your grand entrance into the world. Alas, you have elected to stay put for the time being, thank you very much. And I have to say, I can’t blame you. Why would you want to be delivered to a mom who has an upper respiratory infection and feels terrible?

    This week has been full of ups and downs. It started out great. We had high hopes that we would see you soon. I vacuumed, cleaned, stocked up on pet and grocery supplies. I worked ahead to prepare myself for the time off work.

    On Friday they checked me and sadly noted that you are still not doing anything. This is the first time they brought up possibly scheduling an induction. My blood pressure has been iffy and you are getting huge. But, my doctor was out of town, so they told me to come back and meet with her on Tuesday.

    Saturday arrived and I had big plans to spend time with your daddy, shop, go to Blake’s birthday party and enjoy my last weekend without having to call a baby sitter. And then I started to feel run down. I thought it was allergies, but knew better than to push myself. I canceled going to the party and hauled myself to bed at 7:00. Sunday morning rolled around and oh my gosh. I woke up feeling terrible. I stayed in bed all day. And then came Monday. It was worse. Another day in bed. Last night I spent the whole night in the bathtub, dousing my throat in chloroseptic spray and crying. It was pathetic to behold.

    Your daddy took one look at me this morning and said, “I’m calling the doctor.” And so he did. She got me in immediately.

    I knew things were bad when the doctor came in with the most sympathetic “poor you” look on her face. She said, “You guys never call. I’ve learned that patients who never call are usually knocking on death’s door when they call up here.” Mark chimed in with “this is the woman who waited a week with appendicitis before going to the doctor.” Ok, so I’m stubborn. Thus the rush to get me in. And thank goodness. She started me on antibiotics and sudafed. Do I still feel terrible? Yes. But nothing compared to how I felt last night.

    In other good news, they did a short ultrasound today. You, little girl, are kicking butt even though you are super squished. We were able to see your mouth and lips sucking away. You moved a bunch and your little heart is thundering away. They are still worried about your size though. Because you’re at term, I have to go in twice a week now until you are delivered. They want to do it soon, before you get too big.

    They checked me today, and still no progress. Plus, your little head won’t come down into my pelvis. So they aren’t worried that you will arrive before I get well. We go back Thursday for a reassessment of your size and position. Then we will have to make a decision about how best to get you out of there. I hope we don’t have to do a c-section, but if we do, I can handle it. I just want to make sure that I’m good and well when I hold you the first time. That would stink for you to get sick in your first few days of life!

    So here’s to hoping. Hoping I get well quickly. Hoping the pollen goes away and gives your daddy some relief. Hoping that you shift down into my pelvis between now and Thursday.

    We can’t wait to meet you!

    Love, Mama