• 39 Weeks

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    39 Weeks

    Oh baby, you’re big. And I think you’re making an earnest attempt to break my ribs. Though your movements in general have slowed down tremendously. You still move enough to let me know you’re ok, but they are just big nudges or rib shoves.

    Also, after you dropped I could breathe a lot better, but then you grew again so now I can’t. I find myself readjusting all the time in an attempt to get more air into my lungs.

    You’ve also started doing this thing your dad and I refer to as “the thumper.” I have no idea what you’re actually doing, but it feels like a rabbit thumping it’s feet really fast on my side. It makes my whole body shake. Considering you will be born in the “Year of the Rabbit,” I guess it’s fitting.

    We went to the doctor last Friday and all that progress you were making up and stopped. The doctor said you are still healthy and great, but she didn’t think you would make your appearance this week, which is ok because the doctor is out of town and your dad has been laid up in bed for almost six days with a sinus infection. I don’t think he would be the support champion he needed to be feeling like that.

    The doctor also told us she didn’t want you going past your due date very much, which means one way or another, if you haven’t made up your mind to come before then, you’ll be born next week. And I think you’re going to be a big baby…. over eight pounds like both your mom and your dad were. But that’s ok, a big baby is a healthy baby and I’m getting an epidural.

    Every day people call and ask if you’ve arrived. And every day we tell them “Not yet!” We think you’re going to hold out until your due date like both your parents did.

    So here we go baby. One last week like this and then you’ll be in my arms… well when you’re not in your daddy’s, grandmothers’, or aunties’ arms!

    Love, Mama