• 34 Weeks

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    34 Weeks

    You are getting so big! I can feel every twitch and movement all the time now. We watch your elbows and knees poke up and move around. It’s so surreal and sometimes painful.

    Good news though, I think I’ve finally found the right combination of elements to get a decent night’s sleep. It includes the following: three pillows, a light sheet and blanket, a humidifier, a ceiling fan, low room temp, no sugar close to bed time, a light bed time snack and regular exercise. This combination of elements has let me sleep relatively well the past two nights. I’m overjoyed! Your father however, is seriously considering purchasing a pair of mittens and a winter hat to wear to bed. We put an extra blanket on him last night and it seemed to help. Poor Leela girl has also objected to the new chilly atmosphere and huddles on your daddy’s feet at nighttime in an attempt to share the warmth.

    You still continue to get the hiccups at least once a day. I have no idea what triggers it, and they come on at random times, but they always make me smile.

    We also got your crib all set up this past weekend! Your Nana bought a mattress pad for you, so everything is washed and ready. A few more tweaks still need to be done for the nursery, but it’s almost there.

    Your daddy has also suddenly taken to catering me. I think the childbirth class that emphasized mom’s need for rest sunk in. He’s been going above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable, especially at nighttime.

    Oh, and the weather has turned to spring! After work it’s been in the 70’s all this week. That means I’ve been walking a mile and a quarter a day. Your dad and the dogs accompany us. And while the round ligament pains sting a little, the pregnancy support belt does a great job of keeping the rest of my body comfortable on our walk.  The walk seems to calm you a great deal and help me sleep better at night. I hope the spring weather holds out!

    I can’t believe we’re down to the final six weeks. You are being celebrated twice over this weekend: the first at a baby shower thrown by your aunties Kelly, Angela, Becki and Susan, and another at a baby shower thrown by all the ladies on daddy’s side of the family. You are going to be so showered!

    Much love,