• Love is…

    Date: 2011.02.14 | Category: Dogs, Love, Mark, Pregnancy | Tags:

    …being the brave voice of reason in a moment of pregnant insanity.

    Last night I slept great for the first time in months. I got up on time, took a shower, started to get ready for work, then walked into my closet. That’s when the insanity seized me. For some reason I had it in my head that I HAD to wear red for Valentine’s Day.  When I tried on two donated maternity shirts with red in them, only to have them be a little too snug, something in my head said it was ok to start trying on pre-maternity shirts.

    Only now can I fully realize that this made no logical sense.

    I tore through my closet and started freaking out when none of these shirts would cover my belly. None of them. In desperation I was throwing piles of clothes onto my dresser, declaring that they were all going to Goodwill as my husband watched from the bed in stunned silence.

    “NOTHING fits me any more!” I wailed.

    Mark, taking a big risk with this one, said calmly and nicely, “What about that pretty black shirt we bought at the maternity store?” I pulled it out, slipped it on and it fit perfectly. And even though it’s not red, my mood immediately brightened.

    Sometimes I just need his calm voice of reason to help me find my way out of pregnancy-induced insanity.

    So today I hope your morning starts more like Leela’s and less like mine.

    Leela Heart

    Happy Valentines Day from all of us at Leelafish.com. :)