• 32 Weeks

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    32 Weeks

    Goodness things are getting tight in there. Your feet, or at least I think they’re your feet, are lodged in my diaphragm, making leaning over, breathing and sitting still generally uncomfortable. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just highly pressurized and weird.

    This week has marked an intense need to clean and organize. I’ve been picking up, vacuuming, organizing, scrubbing bathrooms, organizing my desk at work and cleaning out like a crazy woman. Much to your daddy’s dismay, he has also been enlisted to assist in this process, namely doing the things that I am no longer able to do, like leaning over bathtubs and carting up heavy boxes to the attic. The house is still nowhere near where I want it to be, so this crazed process is going to continue for a while. If only I didn’t get worn out so easily and could do things like move furniture on my own…

    Strawberries still continue to be a favorite food for me, as well as orange juice. Every time I drink or eat them you get wild, shoving your butt, head, arms and legs in weird, jutting positions. Sour cream also continues to be a favorite and last night I craved Taco Bell – so gross and yummy. Oh, and I attacked all the 7-layer dip during the Super Bowl party, but Mark’s family was too nice to say anything.

    I’ve discovered that I can push on you now and you will push back. Sometimes when you don’t move for several hours at a time, I’ll push on you just to make sure you’re doing ok in there. I don’t think you appreciate it as I usually get an elbow or knee jab in return.

    I caught your dad watching videos on labor and delivery and the hospital stay yesterday. It was really sweet, though I’m sure he’s just trying to prepare himself for the whole crazy labor and delivery process.

    Coming up this week: our childbirth class and a check in on your growth to see just how big you’re getting.

    8 weeks left. Not long now.

    Love, Mama