• 31 Weeks

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    31 Weeks

    I can actually physically feel you getting bigger by the day now. Your favorite past time is kicking me in the lungs and ribs. You also like to move into pressurized, uncomfortable areas of my body. It’s all very strange. You also regularly get the hiccups now, at least once a day.

    Today we had another checkup. Turns out you are ahead of schedule growth wise. They are going to keep an eye on your size and weight as we go and try to make sure you don’t get too big. While the doctor was putting the little heart microphone on my stomach today, you gave the mic a big kick and shoved it right back at the doctor. Apparently you didn’t care too much for that!

    I also heard from your “nun grandmother” Sister Martinette today. She bought your baptismal gown in Italy and said it is “fit for a princess.” It will be arriving for you next month via one of the other sisters. She also told me, “I have the strangest feeling that ‘Lil Sarah will come early so BE READY.” Considering that she knew I was pregnant before I told anyone and knew you were a girl right from the beginning, I’m going to heed her advice!

    We’re down to a single digit countdown now. Here we go!

    9 more weeks.

    Love, Mama

    Oh, and here’s a 31 week photo. Mark stumbled in while I was taking it making a face, which made me laugh.