• The Furry Little Monster That Stole My Heart

    Date: 2010.03.21 | Category: Kitties, Pets, Sam Cat | Tags:

    I was going to tell you Bonnie’s story, but then I thought I should probably tell you Leela’s since we had her before Bonnie. But really, to be fair, I should tell you about Sam Cat because he was the very first pet Mark and I ever had together.

    Back in 2003, Mark and I started dating. I was a Sophomore in college and living in the dorm room with Susan. Being raised around border collies my entire life, I was having acute pet withdrawal living in the dorm room. Mark, however, conveniently had a town house less than 3 miles from campus. I brought up the idea of getting a dog. Mark wasn’t interested. After all, dogs were a lot of work and he had grown up with cats. Being a fairly new relationship (3 months) and in desperate need of furry affection, I agreed. A kitten it was.

    Shortly after Mark’s mom told us a friend of her co-worker had rescued three kittens in their neighborhood. They sent us this photo and wanted to know if we would take him.


    I mean, how can you possibly say no to that? It tugged at my heart.

    So Mark and I agreed to take him. We went to the lady’s house, and there he was… sitting on the back of her couch scratching the hell out of it. Mark’s eyes got as wide as saucers and immediately said, “My new furniture….” But he couldn’t deny his pet-starved new girlfriend the sweet little kitty she had fallen for. And so we took the little fur ball home.

    Now I had never had a cat in my whole life. I had no idea what to expect.

    So we got the litter box and food and got him all set up. We quickly discovered what a talker he was. He meowed all the time at everything. A constant, “Look at me! Look at me!” And sure enough, he started in on Mark’s new furniture. Getting underneath it, claws up and tearing it apart. He was so hairy that we sometimes had to, um, help him after the litter box.

    But he grew quickly. And soon he had the longest tail we’d ever seen! People would walk in and be amazed.
    cat fish

    And his hair got shorter. I was shocked. His little teenage awkward years were so funny.

    And finally, his full coat grew in and he showed what a big tom cat he really was. He had the best personality. He never met a stranger, he greeted everyone, and affectionately shoved his head in your shoes if you happened to take them off. Yes, we’d grown to love the big Sam Cat.


    The only problem? He was still tearing up the furniture. I couldn’t in good conscience agree to have him declawed. So after about a year, I suggested the next logical answer to this problem… get him a friend so he’s entertained and will stop being viscous. And I think it worked like a charm, but that’s Angie Cat’s story, so I’ll stop there.


    I must say though, now that we have a seven-year-old Sam who can go outside and sit in the window all day, we love him even more. He literally rules the roost, keeping both dogs in check. He will even let you pet on him and he loves the furminator. He still has his amazing, dynamic personality and fears no one. I love our little resident badass. Truly there will never be another one like him.