• Update on Blogged About Things

    Date: 2010.11.12 | Category: Angie Cat, Friends, Leela Fish, Life, Me, Sam Cat | Tags:

    1. My move to go organic.

    Parts of this have been more successful than others. Cleaning and hygiene products? Check! We’ve successfully switched to Berts Bees shampoo and conditioner, which had the bonus effect of hydrating my scalp more. We’ve also had great success with Tom’s toothpaste, Ecos laundry detergent and intermittent success with Seventh Generation dish detergent.

    Food has been much more difficult due in large part to my strange pregnancy eating habits. For instance, I can rarely eat meat these days unless I smother it in ketchup and mustard so I can’t taste the meat. Which means I a) need to find satisfying organic condiments and b) need to focus on finding organic vegetarian options that the husband will eat. Though he still breaks and goes to the nearest fast food place for a burger as often as he can. We have had success with wild caught salmon, spaghetti and potato soup however! And now that dad’s garden is full or organic and yummy broccoli, we’ve been eating a lot of that.

    2. The Cat Problem.

    Cassie’s solution of putting out a bowl of apple cider vinegar to keep the cat from peeing in front of the front door seemed like it was going to be a great success. Angie Cat went a full two weeks without peeing on the floor and was appropriately using the litter box. I declared Cassie the cat whisperer!

    But then she started ignoring the litter box again and instead peed on top of the bowl of vinegar to make her point. *$%* CAT!

    It is an ongoing problem again. So this weekend’s project is going to be converting the office closet into a litter box friendly zone. I’ll have to pack and store the clothes that are in there now, but hopefully it will be a quieter, calmer space away from the dogs and front door that will make her more willing to use the litter box.

    3. My updated closet.

    I had so much fun updating my wardrobe earlier this year, but my expanding body has made most of those clothes useless. However, I’m discovering more creative ways to dress and use what I have. Plus, a friend let me raid her maternity clothes, so I have a few new things to work with.

    4. Kelly’s Wedding

    Well, at the ceremony, there were some major glitches which she does a way better job of explaining than I can here. But we were in the dark (ha ha) about most of the problems. So outside of trying not to break an ankle in the potholes in the aisle in the dark and the threat of nearly passing out in the middle of the ceremony (though Mr. Phelan promised he would have caught me) and the still-angry husband over that whole denting the truck business, it was fun. No really. We danced and ate and had a merry old time. See?


    Plus, Kel and The Guy were happily married and that made me positively radiant.

    5. And finally, this. Because a sleeping Leela and Sam Cat make me happy.