• Say WHAT?!

    Date: 2010.10.29 | Category: Mark, Photography, Whoops | Tags:

    I can’t wait to finish telling you about BachelorGirl’s wedding. How beautiful she looked, how perfect they are together, how we managed despite overwhelming chaos thanks the event location. But, I kind of want to see what she says on her website first. I know there have been some back and forth issues with said event site and BG and as my dad always says,  “Don’t let your mouth overload your ass.” So, patience.

    Speaking of mouths saying things they shouldn’t, let me tell you about my last doctor appointment.

    You see we went for the baby’s 16-week appointment about two weeks ago. Everything was going just fine. We asked questions, they squirted that nasty goo on my stomach and chased the constantly on-the-move baby around my uterus until they locked down its heartbeat. The doctor measured my stomach (now if this isn’t every woman’s worst nightmare, I don’t know what is).

    I asked a few questions about pediatricians and back pain (OMG it HURTS SO BAD). But everything was pretty normal.

    The doc was getting ready to walk out when Mark casually said, “One more thing.”

    The doc paused at the door and looked at him.

    Smiling, Mark said, “How’s her weight?”

    WTF Mark.

    The doctor and I both glared at him like an alien had just dropped out of the sky, landed on his head and was currently sucking out his brain.

    The doctor spoke first. She said, “Um, someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight.”

    I stared at him with mounting fury and said, “Mark, SERIOUSLY?”

    At this point he realized he had messed up. He started stumbling, “Oh no. I mean. Um. It’s just that she’s been so worried about gaining weight and I wanted her to be reassured.”

    The doctor started laughing and said, “She’s only gained 5 pounds, she’s fine.”

    The doctor laughed, shook her head and walked out into the hallway where I’m sure she related the whole story to everyone she worked with. Heck, I would too.

    I told Mark after she left the room that next time, if I were worried, I would ask. To leave matters of pregnancy weight gain to me and the doc.

    Maybe I don’t feel so bad about putting that dent in his truck bumper after all? ;)