• There’s No Place Like Home

    Date: 2010.10.03 | Category: Dogs, Kitties, Life, Life List, Love, Mark, Me, Pets, Travel | Tags:

    There are so many wonderful things to say about the amazing birthday/wedding trip to Orlando of 2010. So many things in fact, that I will have to divvy it up over multiple posts.

    But after a flight from Orlando to Memphis, another from Memphis to Dallas and a three hour drive back home I am thankful to be home. In honor of making it back safe and sound, here are a few things that I love coming home to after a vacation.

    1. My dogs! There is something so wonderful about those happy little wagging tails that scream  “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” that warms my soul.

    2. My bed. There’s nothing like curling up on soft sheets in a king size bed after sharing a double bed with the hubs on a not-so-soft mattress for several days.

    3. The smell of home (well usually, my cats went all destructive while we were gone and there was a, um, mess to clean up when we got back).

    4. The kitchen. No more eating out for a while. Even if it’s pb&j, at least it’s already conveniently where we are.

    5. Opening all the (good) missed mail. This time there were lots of birthday cards!

    6. Washer and dryer! No more living out of a suitcase.

    7. Going through all the souvenirs I purchased and smiling. (OMG there is so much Disney Halloween paraphernalia it’s insane).

    8. The weather! I never thought I’d be happy to come home to Louisiana weather, but a cold front moved through and it finally feels like October.

    9. Driving familiarity. Nothing like knowing where you’re going without being completely dependent on GPS.

    10. Knowing the next step. No more planes to catch, tickets to use, parks that close.

    Things are settling back down. And while I’m not exactly looking forward to catching up on all the work I missed, I’m glad to be home with Mark, in my house, with my pets and all the wonderful memories I made over the past week.