• Seriously?!

    Date: 2010.08.01 | Category: Life, Weirdness | Tags:

    It has been a crazy week. One full of as many panic-inducing health problems as there have been of blindingly happy moments.

    I thought Friday was going to end well. The day had been good. We celebrated a co-worker’s birthday at one my favorite restaurants.

    On the commute home, I was feeling particularly happy, so when a car in the lane next to me asked if they could get in front of me in my lane, I obliged.

    Except they weren’t getting into my lane, they were turning at an awkward angle into the driveway on my right side. So when I let off my brake to follow them in the traffic line, it inched me forward just enough for their car to swipe mine.

    Thank goodness that A) they were nice people who B) had insurance and C) seemed more worried about me and my car than their own and D) apologized. It wasn’t tense and everyone agreed on what happened. It just sucked.

    The car was damaged, but it could have been worse.

    So while I was waiting on the cop to show up, I get a phone call from my doc’s office with the results of a test I had run this past week. Turns out my hormones are out of whack and I need to somehow make it to a compounding pharmacy across town in less than an hour and start medication immediately*.

    If that doesn’t freak someone out on top of apparent whacked out hormones, I don’t know what will. So I was stuck waiting for the cop, who showed and ended up being very nice as well. Scrambled to find my current insurance info, waited on the write up and then took off in a hurry to get to the pharmacy.

    Arriving just in time, I walked in and they went to get my prescription. Because it was a compounding pharmacy, they couldn’t run my insurance card. I’m still not really clear on why, so that meant paying full price. And then, this cute, young, male pharmacist comes out and has to show me how to, um, insert my female medication.¬† I about died of embarrassment.

    I got in the car with Mark and dissolved into a ball of tears.

    Not to be out done, this morning we got up to mow and weed eat the yard. I finished mowing, exhausted, only to look up and see Mark standing next to my car, mouth open, staring in shock.

    My back windshield was shattered. Like falling apart and out of the window shattered. We have no idea what happened, but guess that somehow when we were mowing / weed eating, something flew all the way from the yard, into the garage and pegged the back windshield, shattering it into a thousand tiny pieces. I just stood and stared at it.

    Fit break

    Sensing more hysteria coming his way, Mark ushered me inside and swept it up. Good man.

    So now we still don’t have Mark’s new truck and my car is out of commission. Looks like we are going to be sharing the wonky Chrysler this week until we get mine patched.

    * Guess what some researchers think one of main causes is for the hormone imbalance? That’s right, hormones¬† we get through our food and eating and drinking out of plastic containers. After finding that out, we made the commitment to go organic.