• Check and Check!

    Date: 2010.07.13 | Category: Life, Life List, Mark, Travel, Work | Tags:

    If there is one thing I love more than making a list, it’s crossing things off said list. And what good is a Life List if I can’t immediately start crossing things off?

    First Item Accomplished: Get paid to write a freelance article.
    I do graphic design for a local magazine called The Best of Times. I got inspired to write when I was down and out a few weeks ago and put together a piece on my experience in Hiroshima. I submitted it, not expecting much, but the editor wrote back that she loved the piece and would give me honest-to-goodness money for it. I squeaked! It was published this week.

    I made my mamma proud.

    You can view it online by clicking here.

    Second item accomplished: Eat a Round Rock Donut.
    Following our visit to Austin, I asked Mark to take a detour to Round Rock on our way out of town. The store closed at 2:00 p.m. At 1:55 p.m. we were running on fumes and I begged him not to stop at a gas station. And, wonder of wonders, we made it!

    Mark is a donut snob, outwardly rejecting Krispy Kreme filth and swearing that Southern Maid are the only acceptable form of donuts. So I was expecting a barrage of complaints when he tasted this little orange Texas donut.


    But, he claimed they tasted just like Southern Maid! Orange donuts FTW.

    Also, it doesn’t count unless you get a t-shirt. Which I did.

    Round Rock

    Now, onto the next item!