• Oh, Austin, TX…

    Date: 2010.07.12 | Category: Friends, Life, Life List, Mark, Travel | Tags:

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    1. You are so near to the Comal River, where I can lazily spend the day in an inner tube, drinking beer and occasionally scrambling to avoid losing my sunglasses in the tube shoots.

    2. You have Sixth Street. Home to great music bars, like Antones.


    3. Where you can see great local favorites like bluesy girl-band, The Bluebonnets, and the Arc Angels (complete with members from Stevie Ray Vaughn’s former band).

    4. Thus completely rendering husband man in a music geek stupor.

    5. You have Katz’s on Sixth Street. Open 24 hours with some of the best flavored lemonade and fried pickles this girl could ask for.
    Fried Pickles

    Lemonade at Katz's

    6. You are the home to Fuji-yama, aka best sushi and hibachi I’ve ever had in my life. They even managed to convince Mark, the mushroom hater, to eat a sauteed mushroom… but just one.

    7. Austin, you turned an overworked couple to a happy, relaxed couple.

    8. Within 10 miles of you is Round Rock Donuts, allowing me to mark the first item off my Life List.
    Round Rock

    And effectively ruining my diet. (But that’s ok, I’m hopping back on tomorrow, I swear!)

    9. You gave us great, sunny weather on the river and by the pool.

    10. And most importantly, you are home to two of my favorite people: Scott and Dana.
    Scott and Dana

    Thank you Austin! We’ll be back soon.