• 8 Months

    Date: 2014.05.21 | Category: Baby, Family, Norah | Tags:

    As I looked at our girl today splashing happily in the bathtub, grabbing frantically at toys floating by, I marveled at how big she is. Yes, she acts and looks like an 8-month-old, but it doesn’t seem like time should be moving by quite so quickly.

    At 8 months Norah is a pro at crawling. She’s fast and determined, often going after other kids’ bottles at school when they drop them. She will now crawl to me when I get home and reach one arm up so I’ll scoop her up and cover her in kisses. She’s also mastered going from a crawl to a sit – back and forth.

    Norah loves our dogs, and gets super giggly when she sees them or they lick on her.

    For the first time since she was 3 months old, she seems to finally be finding a normal sleeping pattern again. We’ve had a tough time with ear infections and new teeth. Speaking of teeth, one of her top ones is peeking through now, giving her a total of three, though I have no doubt the other top one isn’t far behind.

    She is champion eater. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin & banana and pears. Mark let her chew on a pretzel stick today and she did a great job with it. How is it almost time to start introducing non-mashed up food? Norah also loves to drink from our water cups, enthusiastically gnawing on their cold rims and sipping on water.

    We’ve started letting her crawl around on the (netted in) trampoline. It’s so funny to watch her. Sarah flies around the perimeter and Norah freezes up so she can pass, then starts moving again. Mark says she acts like a little turtle.

    She has moved on to the phase where she will eat anything and everything she puts her hands on. Over the past couple of weeks I have pulled the following items out of her mouth: countless leaves, a q-tip, balls of dog hair, a crayon and a number of Sarah’s toys. Speaking of Sarah, she has figured out how to “trade” toys with Norah. If Norah is playing with something Sarah wants, Sarah will quickly find another toy and trade her for it. Norah doesn’t seem to mind though.

    We crack up at Norah because she loves to shake her head “no” at us. I try to give her Eskimo kisses and it gets her head going back and forth while¬† she lets out great laughs.

    Norah is such a laid back child. She will go to anyone who wants to hold her and will happily give up grins to anyone who is willing to work for them.

    I really love this age. She’s interacting with all of us – laughing, smiling and even copying us to some degree. She is still as snuggly as ever and loves to lay on my shoulder and suck her thumb. Those are some of my very favorite moments with my sweet girl.

    Happy 8 months my little bean!