• The Morning Walkers

    Date: 2010.07.07 | Category: Dogs, Health, Life, Pets, Weirdness | Tags:

    Back in the day when I used to exercise every morning, and now that I’m doing so again at least three days a week, I’ve started to notice the “regulars.” Those who are diligent about the exercise every morning come hell or high water.

    It’s always an interesting collection of people. Most are nice and just want to get on with the nasty business of working out before work. Some are clutching leashes with their eyes still sealed shut with sleep and being dragged along by their over-excited dog. Some are biking with such focused intent that I fear for my life lest I get in their path.

    And then there are the eccentrics. The ones who make me stare at them unrelentingly for their odd behavior.

    Both at my last house and now in my new neighborhood, I’ve noticed that there is an old man who wanders around picking up trash. The one by my old house was kind enough. He parked his car on random streets throughout the neighborhood, wore aviators and an oversized trucker hat (which looked really funny on his tiny frame) and wielded his trash stick picker-upper with a practiced hand. He always said hi and waved.

    The new neighborhood has a guy that walks really fast and doesn’t make eye contact with anyone. When he sees me coming with Leela, he quickly makes his way over to the other side of the street and pretends like I don’t exist.

    And I am still just kind of assuming that’s trash that he stops to pick up in every yard he walks by. This morning it was misting and he was picking up people’s papers, running and dodging through sprinklers to hurl said papers onto their porches. While I’m sure the homeowners appreciate the gesture, I’m sure they can’t be thrilled with some little old man running through their wet yard.

    That’s ok, because I’ll still take him over the creepy old guy with Einstein hair and yellow sunglasses who used to bike by me at the river. Guy must have had a stroke at some point, because half his face just didn’t work. He always glared at me when I was out walking, and one time he decided he was going to stop and talk to me. At which point he asked me my name and wanted to know where I lived… Yea…. I lied and then changed directions and ran like hell. I don’t think he could have caught me and probably didn’t mean any harm, but yikes!

    Good news is that I’ve learned most people avoid me when I have a dog or two with me. Except for other dog walkers, and they always make a point to say hi and tell me how pretty my dogs are, even when they are struggling to hold back their own dog from running over and sniffing Leela’s and Bonnie’s butts.