• Four Months

    Date: 2014.01.21 | Category: Baby, Family, Life, Mark, Norah, Sarah | Tags:

    Mark and I were talking this morning, and as I gazed at my smiling, sweet baby, I said, “If every baby came out acting like they do at four months old, I’d have a ton of ‘em.”

    Norah, at four months you are so much fun! You are aware of your surroundings now, and can lock eyes with us across the room. You love to smile. All it takes is for one of us to grin at you, and then your whole face lights up. You smile with your mouth, yes, but also with your cheeks, your nose and your crinkly eyes. And you let out the cutest little quiet laughs. It’s like you’re keeping your laughter a secret between just the two of us.

    You are also constantly sticking your fingers in your mouth. When you’re sitting up and awake, it’s your pointer finger and your middle finger, but when you’re sleepy or sleeping it’s always your thumb. Both make you happy, so we leave you to it.

    You absolutely ADORE your older sister. Any time she comes across your line of site, you stop and stare at her, giving her a megawatt grin. She obliges you on occasion, kneeling down next to you, grabbing your hands and “dancing.” She wants you to join in with play time so bad. Just last week while Mark and I were in the kitchen, she picked you up and carried you to her picnic table for a tea party… not realizing that when she sat you down you would roll under the table. We heard your cries and came to your rescue. It wasn’t a far roll and it was on the carpet, so you were fine. And I have to admit that I found it completely adorable that your sister took matters into her own hands so that you two could have a tea party together.

    You coo and talk and blow bubbles all the time. Your dad and I can’t get enough of it. He claims that you are going to be a daddy’s girl, and I’m starting to believe it. You love it when your daddy hold you and talks to you.

    You also absolutely love “patty cake.” Playing patty cake elicits your best smiles and giggles. Just this morning when we were getting everything ready for school, we looked up to see your sister playing patty cake with you. You both loved it. Mommy also sings “Do Rei Me” from The Sound of Music to you and you think it’s fantastic. Sarah constantly refers to the two of you as “Princess Elsa and Princess Anna,” the princess sisters from the movie Frozen. She also sings “Let It Go” from the movie to you on a regular basis.

    You can now also grasp and shake things, like your caterpillar rattle, and you’re starting to put things, like your lovie blanket, in your mouth.

    You are doing so well at school! I was so worried about you not taking bottles, but that worry is a thing of the past. You down six ounce bottles like it’s your job, then sleep like a champ at school (way better than your sister ever did at both, I must say). Your teachers seem to really love your big smiles, and are impressed by your extremely loud screams.

    You sleep through the night 3-4 nights out of the week, but still wake up some when your ears or tummy are bothering you. Speaking of tummies, you still will only sleep when we lay you on your tummy, but for some odd reason you hate tummy time. You have rolled from tummy to back twice – both times in your bed when we weren’t there to witness it.

    We are so glad that evil colic is a thing of the past. I feel like once that finally went away we were able to finally see the sweet girl you truly are. You are so much more content and happy now, wanting to observe and interact with the world around you. Four months is a wonderful age and I’m still shocked to find that you’re already so old!

    We love you our sweet Norah bean.