• Christmas

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    Our first Christmas as a family of four was wild and fun and exhausting.

    It started when Sarah caught some sort of coughing snot virus that she passed on to me by coughing directly into my mouth. So nice of her, huh? And instead of resting and recovering (hah!) I spent my time prepping for Christmas Eve and Day by cleaning and baking and wrapping like a crazy woman. I may have been feeling bad, after all, but Norah’s first Christmas would be memorable. And this was really the first year Sarah understood the whole Santa Claus thing and had requests.

    The Christmas list of a two-and-a-half-year-old was surprisingly specific and included some of the following items:
    1. Doc McStuffins shoes (Santa had to go to eBay for that one).
    2. A Puppy Princess (Ummmm?)
    3. All the mermaid things ever made.
    4. A Doc McStuffins doll and a Sofia doll.
    5. Butterfly wings.
    6. Daisy Duck.

    And she informed me that Sister wanted a ladybug.

    We spent Christmas Eve eating Chinese food with Mark’s family and opening gifts. I have to say, Christmas presents are much more fun with kids in the mix. We all sat back and watched them rip through paper. And when Sarah was done opening all her gifts, she started opening everyone else’s. Obviously we were not moving quick enough for her.

    Her grandaddy really surprised her with this awesome 1949 Pontiac pedal car that he bought and restored for her. She loves it! Her grandparents also loaded her down with a shopping cart and groceries. She immediately started moving the groceries from her cart to her car, and then put her baby doll in the car and took off. Girl’s got it down.

    Santa came that evening and brought all the goodies and then some.

    One of Sarah’s favorite toys was her Doc McStuffins doctor bag.

    Her other was her mermaid costume.

    And Norah? Well she was sort of overwhelmed.

    Santa filled my stocking with my favorite chocolates, a gift card to TCBY and scratch offs (I won $24!) Good job Santa!

    After Santa, we went to my parents’ house for family, food and more presents.

    Sarah got an awesome Little People princess castle and Jacob got a Little People farm house. I love both of them and secretly want to play with them while the kids are away.

    And Norah? Well she was rather drooly over this bear that makes the same noises as a mother’s womb.

    I was so proud of Sarah and Jacob this year for sharing their gifts and not fighting. A big improvement on last year! They even sat and ate kolaches together while watching Raffi. And they  dressed up as Mary and Joseph (or Jofus, as Sarah calls him). We volunteered Norah to be Baby Jesus, but she decided to go nap in her manger and skip the photo op.

    We all got so many nice things and so enjoyed spending time with family. We did more family visiting Christmas evening, but our day after Christmas plans came to a grinding halt when my cold finally caught up to me and took me way down for several days. Sarah too. But I’m still glad we powered through Christmas. It was amazing and wonderful and I couldn’t be more thankful for my family and the time we got to spend together.