• Pumpkin Patch

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    For our first real outing with Norah, we went to one of the local Pumpkin Patches. After a couple of rained out attempts, my sisters and I all happened to be off work on a Monday, so we went in the middle of the day and conveniently missed a pre-school class that had visited just 10 minutes before.

    I’m not going to lie, getting two kids dressed and ready to go required way more energy than I anticipated. Thank goodness I am so much more laid back this time around with the baby. We breastfeed on the go instead of frantically trying to make sure she’s topped off before we leave. It didn’t matter anyway because Norah slept through the whole thing.

    And, fortunately, my youngest sister MC came along and claimed baby duty so I could focus on chasing Sarah through the pumpkin patch.

    Sarah and Jacob had an awesome time running through the patch and picking out pumpkins, with only one scary run towards the highway.

    After much discernment, Sarah picked out pumpkins for each member of our family.

    And my nephew picked out pumpkins for his family.

    And, of course, we took the opportunity to pose the baby in the cutest way possible.

    And they had a scene all set up for photo ops. We were all over it!


    And cousins.

    Say it with me now…. AWE!!!

    Even with a newborn I refused to miss the Pumpkin Patch. And for Sarah’s sake especially, I’m so glad we went!

    I love my sisters so much, and this outing ended up being as funny and entertaining with them as it was with the kids. I can’t wait for Sarah and Norah to share that bond one day.

    We followed this great adventure with decorating Halloween cookies. But I’ll save that for another post.