• First Hair Cut

    Date: 2013.09.19 | Category: Family, Life, Me, Sarah, Toddler Time, Weirdness | Tags:

    So, as I’ve mentioned before, Sarah has gotten really bad about this hair twirling thing. She twirls and twirls until the left side of her head is a giant collection of tiny little knots. One morning she managed to fashion her hair into a sort of beehive that would have put many an old lady to shame. And while I can manage to untangle some, we have had to cut equally as many out and it breaks her hair in the process.

    Needless to say the left side of her hair looks absolutely terrible. Not only is she now balding on that side, but all the hair had been trimmed or broken off, making her look lopsided.

    When Sarah’s pediatrician dropped by to check on me in the hospital last week, I asked her about it. Apparently some kids twirl to relieve anxiety or stress, which could easily be caused by the impending arrival of Sister. She said most kids grow out of it by the time they are 3 or so. Mark, however, was (and still is) a hair twirler, and it’s worse when he’s tired, just like Sarah.

    Saturday I finally had enough and texted my friend Kelly who cuts my hair. She advised me to bring Sarah in so we could trim up her hair, cutting off the thin ends and making it less likely to knot.

    So Tuesday I took Sarah to the hair salon for the first time. She wasn’t thrilled with the idea of sitting in the chair by herself, but she was willing to sit in my lap, so we went with it.

    She did a really great job and was thrilled that she got to play with Mrs. Kelly’s different colored hair brushes and clips.

    When it was all said and done, we ended up bobbing her hair so that it looks more even all around. It’s also a lot thicker now that we cut all the thin, nasty stuff off the bottom. And while I was anxious about getting it cut, I ended up really loving it. And she does too!

    Sarah got a certificate for her very first cut, complete with a lock of hair tucked in it.

    For being such a good girl I told her she could have any treat she wanted. She opted for a cupcake, so we went to Julie Anne’s Bakery and enjoyed.

    And while it totally looks like she’s taking a selfie in that last photo, she was in fact trying to poke me in the eye with a plastic fork. Kids.

    She looks like such a big girl now!