• Painting Stars

    Date: 2013.08.20 | Category: Family, Home, Life, Sarah, Style, Toddler Time | Tags:

    We’ve really been trying to soak up time with Sarah over these past few months. Obviously she’s not going anywhere, but I know our “play time” away from inside the house will be limited soon. Plus, we’ve had a relatively mild summer (the coolest I can ever remember), and so we’ve been able to travel around and spend time outside. It’s crazy to me how much Sarah picks up and how quickly she does it. She’s interested in everything and wants to watch and help with it all.

    One of my favorite summer activities we did was working on a piece of wall art for Sarah’s room to match the bedding on her big girl bed. A big fan of both stars and purple, we found some really cute bedding at Target that fit the bill. The problem was finding the right thing to go with it in her room.

    I finally decided that we would make our own decor, and then got even more excited about the possibility of Sarah helping me put it all together.

    I came up with the idea to buy a large canvas, utilize one of the many rolls of painter’s tape that we already owned, and buy some paint in the colors of Sarah’s bedding.

    Step 1 was just me,  the painter’s tape, and a little bit of time. (Please ignore all the junk that can be found on our living room floor at any given time).

    For Step 2 we moved outside for obvious reasons. This was Sarah’s part in the artwork.

    She started out timidly with the paint brush…

    And then moved on to hands because they were much more efficient.

    And then finally on to feet, because why not?

    See Bonnie sitting back there? We realized when it was finished that in addition to foot and hand prints,  there were also paw prints mixed in on the canvas. But with how things are at our house, I think it only adds to its charm.

    Needless to say Sarah enjoyed her part of the artwork.

    And she did a great job covering it all. (Please also ignore all the junk that can be found on our back porch at any given time).

    Once it dried I finished Step 3 and peeled away all the tape.

    Ta da!

    I have to say, we were both really pleased with the final product. It is now hanging proudly over her bed where she often points to it and tells me about her stars.

    What about you? Any great ideas for projects with two-year-olds?