• Animal Kingdom

    Date: 2010.06.12 | Category: Angie Cat, Dogs, Kitties, Photography | Tags:

    If there is one thing we love in this house, it’s animals. So when my friend Susan asked us to watch her dogs while she went to Memphis, we welcomed them with open arms.

    Lucky is some kind of mix Susan’s father-in-law rescued from getting kicked at a gas station in Florida. She was mangy and skinny and skiddish when they found her. But with a lot of love (and some heavy doses of medication), they’ve got her into fighting shape. And she is a wild, goofy little sweetheart.

    Sue Bear is a new addition. Susan recently adopted this little border collie mix from Pet Savers. She belonged to an older couple who got sick and couldn’t keep up with their dogs anymore. Even though she’s a border collie mix, she’s very mellow. In a lot of ways Sue Sue reminds me of Bonnie.

    They have worn my girls out and been great guests.

    As part of Susan’s birthday present, I agreed to take some “arty” shots of her dogs. Keeping them here with me has given me the opportunity to do so. Here are a few of my favorites.




    Angie Cat got very upset because I was a) rolling around on the floor taking photos and b) paying attention to someone besides her. So, I caved and took one of her too.