• Pregnancy Round Two: It Ain’t No Joke.

    Date: 2013.08.07 | Category: Baby, Family, Health, Home, Life, Mark, Me, Pregnancy, Sarah | Tags:

    Here lately I’ve found myself reminiscing the days of my first pregnancy when I would get home from work and lay on the couch. So tired, I would watch tv while Mark went and picked up Taco Bell or Newks or whatever food I happened to want at the time while I laid there and rested before finally moving myself from the couch to the bed and going to sleep.

    Gone are those days my friends. Leaving work now means that on the 10 minute drive home I mentally prepare myself for what is waiting on me at home. I love having a two-year-old and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but there is no more laying on the couch and resting these days.

    Even with Mark working overtime to do dishes, help prep dinner and take on many of the physical things that I can no longer do, there is a mischievous little girl who needs tending to. And while we occasionally still pick up dinner, financially and for health reasons it’s best for us to cook at home, and so we usually do.

    Yesterday when I got home we all went to the grocery store. We’ve discovered that it’s easiest to divide and conquer at the store and Sarah loves going. After shopping, there’s the 100+ degree heat we had to go through to get out, load up and unload. Then we put all the groceries away. Then it was time to prep dinner and eat, then rotate and fold and put away laundry. By the time I finished that I was beyond exhausted and planted myself on the couch. I happily let Sarah watch a show while she ate a cookie, so content to have her sit at my feet while I lay there for 20 minutes before the bath and bed time ritual began…. Back on my feet to help get her ready and put her down, then finish up a few chores, freelance work, etc.

    Then, every night, I find myself staying up WAY too late so I can enjoy some down time to myself either watching TV or reading a book before I go to sleep.

    My favorite moments these days are the first moments of the morning when Sarah wakes up. She runs into our room, crawls into bed and turns into a lovey little snuggle bug. Sometimes she brings a book for us to read (or for her to “read” to us), sometimes she brings a stuffed animal and sometimes she grabs my iPad. But mostly she just wants to snuggle, giggle and enjoy 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time with mommy and daddy. And I absolutely love it. Every morning I wish I could play hooky and stay that way with our girl in bed, but I know it would end. It always does when Sarah declares, “EAT!”

    I know things will only get more challenging soon, though I do relish getting some of my physical mobility back. And, oh, how I look forward to finally holding Baby R.! In the mean time, I’m trying to cherish these last few weeks of having an only child and a semi-organized way of life. I remember adjusting to the “new normal” when we first brought Sarah home, and we will do it again – all four of us.

    p.s. I’m going to live. All the pain I’ve been experiencing is from a very angry, bulging ligament in my right side that should subside after baby is born. In the mean time I’ve just got to deal. I can do it. Right?