• Things That Go Bump in the Night

    Date: 2013.06.11 | Category: Baby, Family, Home, Me, Pets, Pregnancy, Sam Cat, Sarah | Tags:

    Saturday we decided it was time to take the plunge and move Sarah from a crib to a big girl bed. At the time, I had forgotten that my mom was babysitting that night and would have to be the one to put her down for the first time in that bed. Mom took to it with determination, and surprisingly had no problem at all. Turns out she loves her big girl bed and is pretty thrilled with the star sheets and bedding on it too.

    Sunday went equally well, with her taking a nap (!!) in the bed and then sleeping all through the night as well. When she woke up, I heard her and went in her room to find her rolling around in bed and playing with her feet.

    And then there was last night.

    Around 4:00 a.m., I was awoken from a yet another terrible nightmare where I had forgotten to feed my second child and was struggling with breastfeeding, when I heard the familiar *bump* of Sarah’s door slamming open, and then the frantic scurry of feet down the hallway. My first thought was, “That damn cat.”

    You see, Sam Cat has a nasty habit of opening Sarah’s door to wake her up when he can’t get us out of bed for his own nefarious purposes. He knows that if she wakes up, we get up.

    So I tiptoed over to her door and looked into her bed to make sure she was still sleeping. Then I hear “Mama!” and look over to see her standing at the end of the hall, holding on to her little stuffed animal, shaking and confused.

    I scooped her up and put her back in her bed and told her it was ok, that she needed to go night night again and closed the door.

    Then, while I was relieving my ever full bladder, I hear the bump and scurry again down the hall. I called to her and she came running in the bathroom and promptly sat on her own potty and looked at me.

    Back to bed. This time I laid down with her, which is no small feat. It involved me wedging my increasingly large self between her and the wall, while she laid her head on my face. In the mean time Baby R, who has been suspiciously quiet during the day time hours, decided to throw a dance party in my stomach. After about 15 minutes of this, I got up and told her it was night night time.

    Back to the bathroom. From my perch I spied that evil cat sneak past me and go straight to her room where he opened her door AGAIN. This of course sparked another round of running through the hallway, this time with me muttering curses under my breath at the cat.

    I rounded her up, yet again, and got her in bed. I tucked her in tight and reaffirmed the night night. I’m not sure if she was scared of the growing anger in my voice towards the cat, or if by that time she was just worn out, but she finally laid down and stayed down.

    In the mean time, I chased the cat through the house, finally caught him and then chucked him out the back door. Sam Cat has officially lost inside night privileges.

    I managed to get about an hour of sleep before Sarah was up at 6:30, coming through her bedroom door about 30 minutes before her usual time. Although I had dressed for my walk, I ended up just throwing up my hands, putting Bubble Guppies on for her on the iPad and laid next to her while I dozed for 45 minutes.

    I know consistency is the key with these things and I’m going to stick with putting her back in her bed every time… but next time I’m making my husband do it.