• Leg 3: The Beach!

    Date: 2013.06.10 | Category: Family, Friends, Life, Mark, Me, Sarah, Travel | Tags:

    Our family loves the beach. We drove from New Orleans to Ft. Walton Beach, FL where we met up with my best friend Susan, her 10-month-old daughter Livvy, and her parents. We shared a three bedroom beach front condo, ate a spectacular amount of food and enjoyed being outside in the gorgeous weather. Both babies loved the sand and the ocean water. The first thing Sarah would say when she woke up in the morning was “Water!” and then immediately ran for the balcony to stare at the ocean. Not long after she’d yell “Swimsuit!” and grab her floaty. It’s safe to say that girl loves the beach.

    There’s not much else to say about the trip except that it was the relaxing time away we all needed and we’re already planning our trip back for next year, baby and all.

    Enjoy some photos!

    Her dad taught her that by adding a little water, those castles will stay up… at least until she stomps them down.

    Daddy kisses.

    Play time for kiddos.

    Our first evening out onto the beach.

    Dinner at AJ’s.

    Walking along the wharf, watching the deep sea fishers come in with their big catches.

    We met a totally legit pirate.

    Beach side snoozes in mom’s lap are the best.

    Daddy hugs are pretty great too.

    Strike a pose.

    Me and my bestie with our girls.

    I could really post a thousand more of these photos, but I’ll spare you and myself. I’m already ready to go back now.