• Leg 2: New Orleans

    Date: 2013.06.01 | Category: Family, Food, Life, Mark, Sarah, Travel | Tags:

    We headed to New Orleans next in order to meet with my fellow editors and have a great farewell luncheon for one of my counterparts who has been in the biz a long time. We met at a great local place called Mandina’s, where we rejoiced in Louisiana and Italian food while sharing stories from our respective locations.

    And can I just say how proud I am that Sarah lasted the whole four hours of that luncheon happily coloring away, eating crackers and spaghetti? She wins the prize that day.

    We stayed over in New Orleans an extra day and got to see the city from the “family” perspective. Aka, we were back in our hotel room at the very early hour of 8 p.m., when nearly everyone else was just beginning to get ready for the evening. But hey, our hotel room had an awesome view.

    We managed to completely avoid Bourbon Street, but we did take Sarah on her first ride on the St. Charles Streetcar in order to go get some good eats.

    We also took her to Jackson Square where she thought that throwing pennies in the fountain was the best (though she nearly went in after them too).

    We also took my favorite photo of the trip there: Sarah having a meltdown in front of St. Louis Cathedral.

    We went to Cafe du Monde where, after fighting our way through nearly 200 high school seniors, the sweet women who worked there spotted us and put us at a table. Sarah was pleased with her first sampling of beignets!

    We also went to the Aquarium of the Americas, which Sarah was absolutely fascinated by! Of course we ran into a giant group of field trip kids that kept nearly knocking Sarah over. But I was totally an adult about it and shoved those sixth graders right back.

    She was fascinated by the fish and terrified of the sting rays. She LOVED the otters and the frogs as well.

    At the end of our trip through, I let her pick out one thing from the gift shop and she opted for the “otter wit a star.”

    Of course you can’t talk about New Orleans without talking about all the amazing things we ate. Since alcohol was sadly off the table for me anyway, I comforted myself with Louisiana cooking and saw it as appropriate calorie substitute.

    In addition to Mandina’s and Cafe du Monde, we ate at several local recommended places, including:
    ZEA on St. Charles Street (Rotisserie with home brew anyone?)
    Camillia’s in the French Quarter, a fantastic, affordable diner complete with hilarious wait staff. (Get the pecan pie that the cook on the griddle a la mode. Trust me.)
    Mother’s on Poydras Street (There’s a line out the door at 11, but Mark saw it on Food Network and wanted to try the Ferdi, so we pressed on. It was worth it! The etoufee was amazing and Sarah scarfed her red beans and rice and ham).

    Slim Goodies (one of my personal favorite diners on Magazine Street with outstanding pancakes).

    Plus, a couple there handed Sarah her very own Mardi Gras beads, which was the perfect ending to her first trip to New Orleans.