• The Girl Factor

    Date: 2013.05.14 | Category: Baby, Family, Home, Life, Mark, Nostalgia, OMG YAY!, Pregnancy, Sarah | Tags:

    By now news has spread about Baby R. being a girl. I’m thankful to say that the overwhelming response has been positive! We’ve had a few naysayers, “Oh man, I really wanted you to have a boy this time.” Or  “Are you sure you’re ok with that?”

    Because, you know, if I’m not I can just wave my magic wand and turn Baby R. into a boy.

    So let me say it now, not only am I ok with it, but I’m positively thrilled about bringing another little girl into the family.

    Here’s why:

    1. SISTERS!

    I am one of three girls and have no brothers as a reference point, so I realize I’m biased going into this. But I love having sisters. Yes, we fought quite a bit as kids, but for every fight, there was more playing, more coordinating dances and acting out made up plays. There were extensive parades wearing mom’s old formal dresses and cheerleading uniforms and impressive attempts at putting make up on one another. There was hauling the dog into the baby stroller and dressing her up in our doll’s finest.

    (P.s. How much does Sarah look like my youngest sister MC?!)

    As we got older we were able to support each other in the feminine aspects of life, especially when Shannon and I got pregnant at the same time. Now we share in the chaotic, but awesome bond of motherhood. Plus, sisters seem to have an intuitive bond with one another, both emotionally and well, whackily. For instance, it’s really not fair when Shannon and I are on the same team when we play Cranium – a hunched back walk is quickly identified as “Ghandi” and the other players throw their arms up in disgust.

    Event with my youngest sister, I’ve walked a similar path seven years before she has, and she calls me for help and advice. I’m sure you can do the same with brothers, but I am so thrilled my girls will have a feminine resource in one another.

    2. SAVINGS!

    I hardly have to buy any clothes for Baby R. Granted my girls won’t be born the same time of year, but with all the mamas adding to our growing collection of girl clothes, we’re covered. Plus, I get to dress Baby R. in all those smocked dresses I got, borrowed, and bought, thus making my husband feel somewhat better about their initial purchase.

    Also – we bought most of our big stuff gender neutral first time around, but a few things were extremely girly, namely the crib bedding and the bouncy chair. No need to make a little man suffer the indignity of pink!


    Another girl! I’ve done this once before! Yes, I know no two kids are ever the same, and I am trying to prepare for that. But my gosh I can recognize a yeast infection, know how to properly clean a little girl and can expect some of the other girl side effects that come with being an infant.


    Well not really. My nephew J is four days younger than Sarah and is like a brother to her. They spend every day at daycare together and usually at least one weekend day. Both of my girls will have their rough and tumble boy cousin to keep them in check and teach them how to get appropriately wild and dirty.

    Is there some disappointment about not having a boy this time? Well I’m sure Mark would love a running buddy in his growing house of women, but any underlying disappointment has already been squashed by the thought of more girlish giggles and pigtails.