• Birthday Party Extravaganza

    Date: 2013.04.30 | Category: Birthday, Family, Friends, Life, Mark, Pregnancy, Sarah | Tags:

    We have been up to our eyeballs in birthday parties.  Sarah now thinks every weekend means a bounce house and cake, which is just fine by her.

    There was Cousin Jacob’s second birthday party.

    One of my favorite photos of my family ever.

    And the Belle and Evie’s Tea Party – where Sarah decided she’d rather skip the whole sitting down at a table part and just wear hats.

    And then Mark’s birthday celebration -  more food and cake and a grill cover she was rather taken by.

    And Mia’s Scooby Doo party too!

    Throw in visits to see my grandparents, a trip to the Maker’s Fair (where I bought that adorable owl dress), lots of visiting friends and family, it’s no wonder we are both exhausted (but happy). And all that staying busy also means that this pregnancy is flying by. My phone notifies me when I’ve started a new week of pregnancy, and Sunday took me by surprise when it lit up with “18 weeks.” That’s right. I’m almost half way done with this pregnancy already and it still feels like I just started it.

    We have events the next two weekends too, and then we’re taking a much needed family vacation. The waves and the sun are calling my name.