• Ah…. Vacation.

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    Mark and I spent the last week with his family in Fort Walton Beach, FL. And I’m happy to report that it was extremely relaxing, sunny and full of delicious seafood. It was also the off season, which meant no obnoxious, drunk teenagers and no punk 12-year-olds, only cute little toddlers that sort of made my ovaries hurt.

    The food was amazing. I love fresh seafood. We went to AJ’s (Yummy sauteed scallops), Harry T’s (Awesome view, they fire a cannon at sunset and the boats wave and show their catch for the day as they come in), Sushi Siam (A lot like Sake Sushi. My sister-in-law had the best roll by far) and McGuire’s Irish Pub for the best Shepherd’s Pie on the planet and my favorite place in Ft. Walton Beach to eat.

    Mark and me Harry T’s.
    Harry T's

    And so, here are a few highlights from the trip:

    The Bad: We played True Colors with his family. Turns out they all think Mark and I are big spenders…

    The Good: They all picked us as people they’d want to have as a business partner! Also, the whole game had everyone cracking up.


    The Bad: Working for yourself means lots of phone calls and emails throughout the duration of your vacation. Mark’s customers were particularly heinous.

    The Good: All mine were understanding and wanted me to enjoy my vacation.


    The Bad: Sunburn

    The Good: I managed to read 2 and a half books while burning my back to a crisp.

    I moved to the sun after my burn, and I kept on reading. This was my view from under the umbrella.
    Ft. Walton Beach


    The Bad: On our way to Florida, Mark’s latte spilled into the carpet in the back seat of my car. We didn’t discover this until the car had cooked out in the sun for four days. My car now smells like chocolate sour milk and dog vomit. It is horrible. We’ve tried scrubbing and airing out to no avail.

    The Good: This finally convinced Mark that we needed a Bissell Green Machine, which I can also use on my furniture! We got one at Lowes today!


    The Bad: My sister kept both dogs. While staying with my sister, Bonnie nearly bit their friend’s leg off because Bonnie doesn’t like strangers, especially male strangers.

    The Good: I was worried Bonnie would be a nervous wreck and ruin my sister’s house. Instead she forged an inseparable bond with my brother-in-law.

    (That’s him with his nose and arms sticking out with my dogs in their bed).
    Border collies


    The Bad: We saw oil in the Gulf.

    The Good: It wasn’t until right before we left.


    The Best: My sister’s friend Kari met up with us two of the days we were there. She took us through the winding streets of Destin to the cutest wine shop I’ve ever seen. I got a shirt with four wine glasses on it that says “Group Therapy.” And to top it off, we got to do a wine tasting of every single wine they sold… for free! Needless to say, I rewarded them by stocking up on lots of the ones I sampled.

    That’s Kari on the left. People thought we were sisters!

    It was a great vacation, and  I was in no way ready to go home. I could have camped out another week or so and have been perfectly happy… that is if I could have had my dogs there. I really missed them.

    The vacation was much needed and I can already feel my creative juices flowing again.