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    So this is what two looks like.

    Two looks like pigtails and wild hair, bruised shins and toothy grins. It looks like shovels and dirt, spaghetti and burritos. It looks like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and “cuckor crayons.” Two looks like carrying baby dolls and giving kisses, pointing to eyes and “dose” and “mout.” Two looks like swimming in the tub and clapping hands. It looks like unreasonable tantrums and battles of will at the dinner table. Two looks like diving into leaf piles and hopping all over the house. It looks like daring, climbing and pushing the limits.

    Two sounds like “Wuv you” and “Hi dada!” and “’Sillwee’ girl.” It sounds like “’Mindy’ Mouse” and “fruit ‘pow’” and, when she’s done with something, “Dere!” It sounds like “tinkle tinkle wittle store” and “nana peas” (banana please).

    Two smells like Burts Baby Bee shampoo, dirt and maple syrup. It smells like dogs and books and day care. It smells like lavender and crayons.

    Two feels like hugs and kisses, clinging to arms and legs. It feels like head butts and foot stomps, high fives and piggy back rides.

    Two, Sarah, is tough but amazing. Two is learning and making decisions, having opinions and choosing your own clothes. Two is singing and dancing, attempting to jump rope and screaming when things don’t work out like you want them to. Two is pulling up mama’s shirt to look for baby, and enthusiastically counting every group of items you come in contact with.

    And, most importantly, two is love. Two is realizing how much your daddy and I love you, and seeing you plop unexpected hugs and kisses on us and saying, ””Wuv you.” It’s watching you transform into a little girl, a little person, our little love.

    Happy Second Birthday Sarah! My how much we love you.