• The Second Time Around

    Date: 2013.04.08 | Category: Life, Me, Pregnancy | Tags:

    I know they say second pregnancies are often different, often harder. And I knew that logically going in, but my body has surprised me quite a bit. Of course the heart stuff has been strange, but outside of that other things have been different too.

    Nausea, for one. With Sarah I was sick for the first 15 weeks. I threw up a couple times and was happy living on mashed potatoes, saltines and ginger ale for that period of time. I lost 12 pounds in my first trimester.

    This time around the nausea has been there, but it only lasted 12 weeks, and was touch and go. In between feeling sick I could chow down on a plate of quesadillas like it was nobody’s business. I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain any either.

    I also really struggled with smells with Sarah. The smells of coffee, popcorn, maple syrup, Mark’s truck and hamburger grease all sent me running to the bathroom. This time around, smells don’t seem to be a problem at all.

    The first time around I lived for fruit, especially strawberries. I craved avocados and potatoes, and the sight of meat made me turn green. I wanted sweet things, especially ice cream and shortbread cookies, and near the end of my pregnancy, my waistline was not particularly happy with the Dairy Queen right around the corner.

    This time is nearly the exact opposite. Occasionally I’ll want something sweet, and by sweet I mean a Popsicle or a graham cracker with peanut butter on it. I’ve craved hamburgers, pickles, pot roast, hummus and salsa -  the saltier the better. I haven’t been allowed to eat chocolate, but I haven’t really wanted it either.

    Though both times I shunned my favorite meats (chicken, fish and turkey). I’m not normally a red meat person, but it’s all I’ve wanted thus far.

    Heartburn tormented me the first time around from the very beginning, but it’s almost been nonexistent this time (though I think my affinity for sugar was part of the problem last time).

    Physically though, this pregnancy is already a lot harder on me. With Sarah, I had no discernible baby bump until 7-8 months in, and even then, I carried all over and never out front. This time, I’m just shy of four months in and baby is sticking out there and saying hello. None of my maternity bras from last time fit – they’re too small. Ligament pain came on early and fast and sciatica is already taking me down if I stay on my feet too much.

    Yes, this time is going to be different, and I’m sure as I come into the larger parts of my pregnancy things are going to get tougher. But as I was sitting in the car with Mark the other day and I felt the baby giving me tiny little nudges, I said, “Even with all that hard, crappy stuff, the little movements make me love pregnancy.”

    Baby saying hi at 15 weeks.