• A Visiting We Go

    Date: 2010.05.16 | Category: Leela Fish, OMG YAY! | Tags:

    Today marked a momentous occasion! We took Leela for her very first Therapy Dog Visit. We decided to start small. We went to Willis Knighton LifeCare on a Saturday afternoon to visit a friend of mine who has been in the hospital for well over a year, suffering from Arnold-Chiari Malformation.

    We met my sister up there and prepared for our foray into the hospital. I put on her designated therapy dog uniform (i.e. her tags and bandanna). Leela’s first experience in the elevator went well. I could tell she didn’t like the movement, but she didn’t fuss too much. Leela got lots of hellos and waves from nurses and patients. And when we walked in to see Amanda, her tail  started wagging like crazy.

    Leela was a big show off, showing Amanda all her obedience and little tricks we’ve been working on. She even hopped up in bed with Amanda for a while and snuggled.

    Leela and Amanda

    Amanda had a puppy there with her who visits during the weekends. She was the cutest little thing ever and I wanted to put her in my purse and  steal her. Leela was rather fond of her too.

    And Amanda gave us bracelets that say, “BELIEVE Amanda Sparks.” Leela was only sad that it wouldn’t fit around her neck, so she modeled it on her head for a bit instead.

    And then suddenly dark clouds started rolling in and I started having visions a horrible storm erupting and Bonnie tearing through the back door in an attempt to get in the house, so we bid farewell and made our way home.

    I really enjoyed getting to see Amanda and taking Leela on her first real visit. I learned a few things we need to work on:

    1. Leela gets so excited to see people that her little 30-pound self tries to drag me across the hospital. We have got to work on heel.

    2. Bring treats so that when I ask her to do a trick she won’t bark at me in protest.

    3. Put a harness on next time so she doesn’t choke herself trying to lick the nurses’ faces.

    But overall, I think it went well. When we get back from vacation we’re going to try out a nursing home.

    Go Leela!