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    State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

    This book is the story of research that is taking place in the Amazon to help women extend their fertility cycles, the mysterious scientist who heads up that research and another scientist who disappeared while seeking her and progress on the drug. And while it sounds kind of heady, the story is so good! The build up takes a while, but as I followed Marina to Brazil and then into the Amazon where she meets the Lakashi tribe, I became more and more enamored. There are great characters throughout the whole story. And while there were moments in this book that were absolutely horrifying, I was so intrigued that I didn’t care. Stick with this one, it’s worth it.

    Cinder / Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

    The latest in YA sci-fi, the first book in this series puts a young cyborg girl in Cinderella’s shoes, identifying the societal bias against those who are part machine. There’s a prince, but there’s also a plague and a colony of creepy people who live on the moon and want to destroy earth. Cinder’s story is predictable, but not awful. The second book in the series, Scarlet, puts the lead character in the shoes of Little Red Riding Hood. Not nearly as good as Cinder, and trucking along at a slower pace, I was sad that this one was less of a sequel and more of another story that eventually connects up to the main one. Both stories are ok and easy reads, but I wouldn’t put them at the top of your to-read list.

    Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card

    The sequel to Ender’s Game, this sci-fi book takes a look at a colony of humans inhabiting a planet where there are other sentient and intelligent life forms called “piggies.” In the wake of the destruction of the race of  “buggers,” in Ender’s Game, the humans are to stay as far removed from the piggies as possible while studying them. When someone calls for a “Speaker for the Dead” to publicly explain the life of her father figure (both the good and the bad), Ender makes the journey to fulfill that duty. This book is very philosophical and takes a look at the ethics of how we treat those who are different than us. It pulls in a great Catholic political tie, and sets Ender up as the genius hero. Not as good as Ender’s Game, but still a great sci-fi read.

    Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple

    Do you like the show Arrested Development? Go get this book! It was written by Maria Semple, one of the writers for the show, and you can tell in all the dysfunction and kookiness that plays out in this book. Bernadette is a wild, artistic, dysfunctional mother, and her interactions with her daughter Bee, Bee’s uptight school, her Microsoft genius of a husband and her psychotic neighbor are fantastic. And when Bernadette disappears out of nowhere, the story really find its stride. Plus, it takes place in Seattle, has great stories about working for Microsoft and there’s a trip to Antarctica.

    A Million Suns / Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

    After reading these two concluding books to Across the Universe, I was so happy to have found a YA trilogy where ALL THREE books were excellent. While the first two take place in a spaceship and look at the weird society there and lies that are hidden within, the third book takes place on another planet and was like reading season four of Lost. If you want a good YA trilogy fix and like sci-fi, pick these up!