• Happy Birthday to My Favorite BachelorGirl!

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    What? You didn’t think I could let today, May 13, go by without celebrating the birth of one of my very favorite people did you? The lady who created THE Original Birthday Post?

    I didn’t think so. To commemorate the special day, here is a list of 33 reasons why I’m celebrating Kelly, the BachelorGirl.

    33. Because she is a fantastic writer who produces quality work for me for little to no payment.

    32. Because she talked me into Dragon Boat racing.


    31. Because she loves her Chi as much as I love my border collies, a fact which I can attest to after last night. But I’ll let her tell you that story on BG.


    30. Because she flew to Boston and went to Photoshop World with me because I didn’t want to go alone (I know, I had to really twist her arm on this one).


    29. Because on said trip she hiked it with me in the 30 degree, windy weather to do touristy things… hey at least we finally found the wine store.


    29. Because the last time I got very angry and upset, she drove through the torrents of rain to pick up my unstable, emotional self and haul me to her apartment where she consoled me with a bottle of douchebag wine and handed me a copy of  Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

    28. Because she seconded the motion to go to Green Goddess and use Neil Gaiman’s password which landed us with a free appetizer and a Twitter acknowledgement from Neil.


    27. Because she arranged for her friend Mere to hang out with me when I was there all alone in Birmingham on business. Mere, by the way, was the perfect tour guide.

    26. Because she loves Halloween as much as I do. She planned to go as Nibbler with me and Mark as Leela and Fry one year and then got sick. It made me very sad.

    25. Because she used her mad Martha Stewart crafting skills to make these amazing little bags for me for my birthday.

    Jessica's 24th Birthday - 16

    24. Because she helped me move.

    23. Because she made me carrot cake cupcakes for my birthday and brought them to me when I was stuck at home miserable and sick.

    22. Because she held my hand and wept with me on the scary plane ride to Dallas.

    21. Because she held my hand and wept with me when we saw RENT.

    20. Because she asked me to help kick start BachelorGirl, and then regularly flattered me with some great posts.

    19. Because she bought me an orange purse. Orange is my favorite.

    18. Because we have twin Honda Fits.

    17. Because she is super flexible and will endure a certain level of pain to get the best out of life.


    16.  Because she has seen me in the grumpiest of moods and is still my friend.

    15. Four words: Blind Tiger Happy Hour.

    14. Because she encourages my graphic design by letting me regularly redesign her mastheads to suit my fancy. (Check out the one I designed for her birthday today at www.bachelorgirl.net)

    13. Because she can laugh at life’s idiosyncrasies.

    12.  Because she voluntarily helped me with all my Matron of Honor duties for my sister’s wedding, including photographing events so I could enjoy them. Great photo of my and my sisters bacheloretting it up FTW.


    11. Because she helped me make fun of an idiot at the bar who wouldn’t leave us alone. Me to the jerk: “Your shirt has jewels on it.” Him: “What are you talking about?” Kel: “You know, (with hand motions) pa-chunk, pa-chunk, BEDAZZLED.”

    10. Because she encouraged me to talk to a photographer I admired at his public show.

    9.  Because she brings me back awesome things from her trips. Case in point: Chuck Taylor Jack Skelington pin from Disney.

    8. Because girl can work some stripper shoes.


    7. Because when I asked her and The Guy to act out movie scenes for their photo shoot, they did so with gusto.


    6. Because she always willingly proofreads my writing and provides great feedback.

    5. Because she’s a girl who knows how to have fun.


    4. Because she bulldogged the rude people at the Melting Pot when my credit card went missing.

    3. Because you can always rely on her to come to a party.


    2. Because if you are ever feeling bad or in a bind, she is the first to speak up and ask how she can help.

    1. Because she is a good and loyal friend who will sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

    Jessica's 24th Birthday - 15

    Happiest Birthday Kel. May you have a happy and drama free day. I am so happy to call you my friend