• Out of Rhythm

    Date: 2013.03.04 | Category: Baby, Food, Health, Pregnancy | Tags:

    So I have had a few weird complications from this pregnancy. Within a week of taking a positive pregnancy test my heart started acting weird, skipping beats and racing for no reason. When those things happen I can’t catch my breath and I sometimes get tunnel vision.

    After googling it, I learned that heart palpitations aren’t uncommon for pregnant women, so I relaxed some and called my OB. They, however, were not nearly as relaxed about it. Apparently for these heart palpitations to be happening every day that early in pregnancy is a little weird, so they called the cardiologist and booked an appointment for me. They got me in with the cardiologist in three days – the last time I booked a cardio appointment for myself they couldn’t see me for over a month. So everyone is taking this very seriously.

    So I’ve now seen the cardiologist and the OB and have follow up appointments with both next week. A bevy of tests showed that my heart is having a small number of irregular heartbeats throughout the day, and about an hour total worth of just weird activity in a 24-hour period.

    What does this mean? Well the cardiologist (who called me and talked to me himself) seems to think that dramatic increase in blood flow that comes with pregnancy combined with a hormone surge is overwhelming my heart a little bit. And when I do something like lock my knees or go from standing to laying down quickly, my heart gets pissed off and goes out of rhythm temporarily.

    What’s the answer to all this? For now we sit, wait and monitor. I may have to eventually get on medication to help with my heart rhythm, but beta blockers have been very distantly connected to infant growth, so if things get bad enough for medication, I’ll have to have the baby measured all the time. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy seeing little bit on the ultrasound, but that’s a little scary. Still, my OB reassures me that if I have to get on the medicine that it will be just fine.

    Oh and here is the real kicker. In order to try to avoid medication I have to stay away from ALL forms of caffeine. And yes, that means CHOCOLATE too. That’s right, this pregnant lady gets no chocolate for nine months or more. They also want me to really limit my intake of sweets. So I guess all those late night trips to the DQ for an Oreo blizzard that I did with Sarah are no more this time. Hey, at least maybe this will help me keep my weight gain down!

    My sweet friend Dana brought me some great chocolate from Austin a little over a week ago and I have it safely stored in my freezer. I even have to put my samoas in the freezer!

    My mom has had this problem with her heart her whole life and it was exacerbated by pregnancy, so at least I’m in good company.

    And I bet you just thought I was going to complain about being pukey all the time huh? Well there is that too, but thanks to a constant diet of pineapple, grilled cheese sandwiches and some candied ginger Cassie sent me from Trader Joe’s, I’m managing ok on that front. Now, someone please just tell Sarah to sit down for 10 minutes so mama can rest!