• Group Messaging

    Date: 2013.02.18 | Category: Family, Life, Love, Mark, Me | Tags:

    The iPhone has this feature called iMessage, as I’m sure you’re aware. It also allows you to send group messages where everyone can interact like they’re in a chat room. And while I find this feature to be annoying in some cases (like when one of your friends wishes everyone they know a Merry Christmas and then they all reply and blow up your phone), it’s proven to be a lot of fun for shared conversation between me, mom and both my sisters.

    I can’t tell you know many times someone will send a message, a photo, a video, then all four of us get to cutting up and laughing, all without being in the same room, city, or sometimes state with one another.

    Over the past few weeks we’ve had text conversations about:

    • Our neighbor attempting to donate her recently deceased 90-year-old mother’s clothes to my rather hip and fashion forward mother

    • A conversation about the best time of day and method to weighing oneself

    • A conversation about a photo my sister texted us of some guy in New Orleans who she claimed looks like my husband and I, in return, insisted looked like the guy on Mad Magazine (big difference there!)

    Picture my sister sent:

    My husband:

    I mean, clearly no right?

    • Memes that the four of us get a kick out of

    • Health updates on the four of us plus the family

    • A creepy photo of a little girl my sister saw on Facebook that looks just like her son

    J’s girl twin

    And actual J

    • Photos of my youngest sister in an array of crazy outfits she wears for various college parties she goes to.

    • Photos from my youngest sister at New Orleans Mardi Gras complete with reassurances that she had mace tucked into her bra.

    • Bad weather updates and safety checks.

    I love having this ongoing conversation with my mom and my sisters right at my fingertips. We don’t usually have time to get together, so it’s reassuring and fun that our senses of humor continue alongside one another.

    Plus, who doesn’t love to see something like this from their mom every once in a while?