• Healing and Chatting

    Date: 2013.01.29 | Category: Family, Health, Home, Life, Sarah | Tags:

    The three members of our family have been passing a nasty cough/cold around for almost two months now, which has lead to me either playing nurse, or laying in bed fighting through my own misery.  And while this has lead to an increase of watching Downton Abbey on my iPad and reading in bed, it has kept me away from blogging.

    This overwhelming sickness has not, however, inhibited my little girl from growing at a pace that continues to surprise and overwhelm me. In addition to adeptly climbing in and out of her crib (but luckily only during play time), she’s also taken to copying Mark and I, navigating the iPad better than I could ever hope to, and saying all kinds of things. The flashcard app is one of her favorites, allowing her to identify things like zebras, giraffes and sharks.

    Here’s a short video before I left for work this morning.

    And yes, she would really prefer me to not put anything in her hair ever, but hats of every size and shape are just fine.

    So there you have it, we’re surviving and growing and healing. We have friends coming in town this weekend from Austin, and I plan on taking Sarah to her very first Mardi Gras parade on Sunday – the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux complete with ponies dressed as bumble bees and kitties in their own decorated floats. The perfect parade for her first, don’t you think?